What is a private chef?
Today there are more and more professional chefs who work as a cook at home or as a freelance cook. "Private Chef" is a general term that refers to the different possibilities that exist in the market, such as, for example, catering at home, and show cooking or personal cook.

The advantages of working as a private chef

One of the main advantages is that the private chef works independently, can choose which orders he accepts and which he does not, and divide the work hours as he wants.

Start working in restaurants
Some of the requirements to work as a private chef are having a culinary training and having worked several years in gastronomy. It is helpful to have known the kitchens of several restaurants and have woven a good network of contacts so that in the future it will serve you on a daily basis in different private houses.

Be easy to locate on the internet
In the beginning, it is important to decide on a particular type of kitchen and service, and specialize as much as possible in this area. Another important point is the presence on the Internet: customers look directly at Google, to see the options that exist, so it is essential to be easy to find on the networkand have a website with an attractive presentation. Many times customers also look at specialized portals such as Cook Concern, as they know they have many possibilities to find what they are looking for. For private chefs this means having a greater projection and getting them to hire more. If you are one of them, in our international portal, apart from being able to create a completely free chef profile, you will be able to present your menus and indicate through the calendar on which days they offer your services.

Advantages of having a profile in cook concern
In addition to the fact that the chef profile is free, Cook Concern does not charge as other agencies supplies or additional costs to promote yourself as a private chef, you can work independently in the international arena.

Types of private cooks
The variety in the home cooking sector is increasing. These three ways of working at home that you may find interesting.

For tourists
It is one of the newest forms of private chef, which also has its origin in Spain. The chefs offer their services to foreign tourists who are looking for traditional Spanish cuisine and, above all, to see live, by the hand of a professional, how they prepare.

For private events
This type of private chef emerged in the United States and in England, and is the original format. The idea is to hire a professional for an event in your house and take charge of the menu. It is not a catering service, because the guests cook together with the chef.

In catering
A private chef can also work in catering for companies or individuals. In these cases, it does not usually cook in situ, it usually takes most of the prepared dishes and is responsible for putting them at the last minute at the place of the event. Here is private chef Naples for any type of events.

Due to changes in culinary habits, more and more people delegate the menus of private events to professionals. Working as a private chef is a good option if you already have some experience in the sector and a good network of contacts that serve as a launching pad.

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