Millions will flock to the latest fad diet or exercise sensation guaranteed to bring the results that have eluded them for years. Unfortunately, many of these resources will be set aside and forgotten then quickly replaced by the newest version. The one thing they all have in common is the basic advice to which reputable fitness programs always ascribe:

• Rest

Interestingly enough, these same elements apply to our spiritual health. Seeing as how our spirits are the foundation for everything else we experience, the importance of strengthening our inner beings cannot be over-emphasized.

Nutrition: What are you feeding your spirit?

Your spirit is subject to all you bring to it. It is imperative that we make conscious decisions to feed it with the positivity upon which it thrives. Much time goes into mindless activity, which weighs spirit down.

Are there toxic people or situations in your life that need to be addressed?
Are there personal habits that you need to change?
Do you make time to read or listen to uplifting content?

Exercise: How do you allow your spirit to run free?

We have to remember that the natural state of spiritual energy is dynamic. It can fill us up with vitality and it can be contagious when shared. When it is constrained, we feel the restlessness and unease within us. It spreads to the external aspects of our daily experience. It is imperative we find ways to release this energy.

Do you have an interest or passion that fills you with a sense of lightness?
When was the last time you had a fit of laughter?
Have you developed too rigid a routine that leaves no time for self-exploration or expression?

Rest: How do you calm your spirit?

Silence and stillness balance the energetic nature of spirit. It is in these moments when we can feel the power of the being within us. It allows us to reconnect with the infinite source that bonds us all. It gives us an opportunity to recharge.

Do you have a daily ritual of prayer or meditation?
Is there a particular place that soothes your soul?
Do you have a method for quieting your mind from daily concerns?

Paying attention to the three essentials of spirit allows us to develop our consciousness and live from a place of contentment. Only when we take the time to cultivate this aspect of our being, are we able to engage life to its fullest extent. We owe as much devotion to our inner selves as we do our physical selves, if not more.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. F. Emelia Sam is the author of “I Haven’t Found Myself…but I’m Still Looking.” She specializes in the area of personal growth and spirituality. She speaks on a variety of topics including the “Scriptless Living” and “Releasing Your Greatness.” She is currently a member of the National Speakers Association. To find more information, visit