In an age of multimedia mass communication, taking the time to send a card is something which, in itself, shows just how much you care. More than a text, tweet or email, it will demonstrate the time and trouble you’ve been willing to go to. Personalized photo greeting cards take this effect and multiply it many times over.

No matter what the occasion is, sending greeting cards to mark it will instantly cement the idea that it is a truly special event. Traditionally, people have sent cards to mark general celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, as well as personal landmarks along the lines of birthdays and anniversaries. More recently, people have felt moved to buy cards to celebrate a wider range of events such as the passing of exams and driving tests or moving into a new house or starting a new job.

The truth is that no matter what the event being marked is, if it’s worth celebrating it’s worth celebrating in style, and sending a text message or email is simply too ordinary and every day to actually convey any special message. That’s why the faintly old fashioned gesture of sending a card is so warmly received. The difficult part of the process, however, is actually choosing just the right one to send. The ideal image will, of course, be one which is apposite to the occasion in question. It will also be important to you, however, to find something which fits exactly with the personality of the recipient and your own.

Looking through the ranks of photo greeting cards available in stationers, card shops and newsagents, it can often seem virtually impossible to find this perfect card. Rather than spending hours in a fruitless task, it is far better, not to say easier, to create your own personalized photo greeting cards. A card which you’ve actually made yourself will always touch the heart in the way a shop bought version couldn’t hope to emulate, and, rather than struggle with card, glue and paint, you can now use digital technology to create something which is totally professional as well as being truly personal.

When you’ve chosen a photograph from your collection which you know the other person will love, you just have to upload it to the relevant website. Once it’s there, you’ll be able to choose every factor, from the size and shape of the card to the framing and the presence of any text you might wish to add. The finished card will be printed using the very best materials and techniques, meaning that it is more than a match for anything you could buy from a shop.

The same flexible, user-friendly technology can be utilized to turn a collection of favorite images into personalized photo albums. Unlike traditional photo albums, made by sticking pictures into scrapbooks, these will be printed to the highest possible standard on the best quality paper, and then bound and covered in a way which means they are stunningly impressive and extremely hard wearing. Many people take advantage of this opportunity to create a personalized wedding album, for example, keeping forever all the personal, intimate images which remind them of their special day.

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Using your own digital images to personalised greeting cards and photo albums is now so simple and quick that there’s really no excuse for not doing it. The finished items will be produced to retail quality whilst still being utterly unique and personal in nature.