This first paragraph is a succinct summary of the embroidery that follows:

Clearing your mind of other people's stuff frees you up to
be yourself, because yourself is under there somewhere.

How to do this? Question. Observe without assuming or
concluding, as much as you can, until you are doing that
all the time. Don't be afraid that Your Truth is different
from mine, it's all truth. How can that be? Because our
perspectives on the relative plane color material from the
absolute planes.

Awakening to the greater reality does not occur while one is a blank slate (a baby), but more likely occurs when layers of dust encrust awarenesses.

It is other people's dust-stuff you are covered with when you first look into the mirror of your own soul. You can see how crudified you are! - but not see much more. (Sigh.)

Clearing your mind of Other People's Stuff frees you up to be yourself, because yourself is under there somewhere. A birthing process is in order. You feel this.

How to accomplish this birthing?

Question. Observe. Question without accusation. Observe without concluding or assuming. Do this observation-without-categorization as much as you can until you are doing it all the time. Be the eye in the sky. Expose yourself to other people's opinions - to their uninformed, biased, emotional, drugged-out, stressed-out opinions especially - as an exercise in cool observation. Blend yourself, your awareness, into realities that are foreign to you, that you would have disapproved of in your former life. Think and experience along with the mentally challenged soul. Understand the demented soul, feel along with the deranged mind: its contexts, its misconnections. Be comfortable doing this.

Don't be afraid that your truth is different from mine, different from the serial killer-down-the-street's. It's all truth. No matter how contradictory, it's all truth.

How can this be? - because our perspectives on this relative plane we inhabit color the materials from the absolute planes. Experiencing the multifaceted layers as such is a major step in spiritual maturity, in personal growth.

The values one chooses, or that one inherits, create one's reality! The choice and/or the inheritance does program our thinking and our experience. The culture a human is born into need not be so controlling. The values, the inheritance, the choice, the culture: All of these are part of the 'box' you have heard about, that you are in the process of crawling out of.

It's a long crawl. It's worth it. A butterfly told me that.

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