If you are looking for a privet lawyer of your own, then Jason Harvey is the best option for you. He has over 10 years of expertise in the legal field. He helps you to get fair payouts from insurance companies. Insurance companies want to give you as low payout as possible for car insurance. They may negotiate with you after anything happens related insurance and you might not get the fair payment. The person who does the argument hopes that you will take the lowest payment instead of fighting for your fulfill rightful payment. If you face any injury, we are ready to help you fight against the insurance company to get your proper payout from the companies. You must not end up when they are not paying you less which you are agreed to get paid. You face pain, medical expenses, and sufferings lost wages and so on after facing an accident. This man can handle any of your personal issues regarding insurance companies. This man can handle legally and promises you to get fair payouts from insurance companies. You do not have to oblige or pay anything for a consultation. If you give us your case, you do not have to pay anything to us before receiving payouts from the insurance company.

Types of Accidents we cover:

Aircraft Accident: We cover your aircraft insurance. If you face any risk or face any accident regarding aircraft, we cover this issue. If your insurance company does not want to pay out enough for airline related accident, then we got your back.

Bike Accident:

Bike accident often occurs we know that. But if you have insurance on the bike then they must pay you for your insurance. Most of the time insurance people do not want to give insurance money. They stand up the cause as like this is your fault. But this is not a primary cause. They are bound to pay you for your insurance.

Boating and Watercraft Accident:

We love to swim and travel by boat. Having a watercraft insurance is necessary, but after you face any accident insurance company hesitates to give your insurance money. We are here to support you and make insurance company to pay you.

Faulty Products & Product Liability:

You pay for foods, and you expect to have the best food with your money. Sometimes you get defective products and sometimes you do not have the right service for food. Some restaurants overcharge for fixed priced food. We are here to solve all these problems. You do not need to worry about it. We know how to handle this matter. Just consult with us, and then we will do the rest.

Pedestrian Accident:

Pedestrians are the main and vulnerable element of traffic. Most of the people cross roads by footpaths. So we even take care of pedestrian insurance. It is your right to get your insurance money in any mean. We make sure of that you get your money from the insurance company and give you justice.

We also cover up injury insurances like:

Brain Injury:

Brain injury due to a road accident or any person hits your brain.

Children Injuries:

If your child faces any injury due to accident or any other mean then we got your kid's back.

Disability Claims:

We also take care for disability claims.

Severe Orthopaedic Injuries:

We take care of orthopedic injuries insurances.
We also cover spinal cord injury, wrongful death, diving and swimming accident, slip and fall accident, snowmobile & ATV accidents and so on.

We have many responsibilities for you. We know and can feel your pain. We do our best to serve you and give you proper and best results. We do not want to lose hope on us. We know that insurance money is very much important to you and you do not want to negotiate for getting your money. That is why we are here. With our knowledge and proper experience, nothing can stop us. The insurance company will not be able to negotiate with you. Jason will take legal steps to give you justice. We are bound to give you service and we will not take any fees before you get justice.

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