Developing personal organization skills are essential if you want to organize your life and get it under control. That means using time efficiently, setting limits on what you can take on, developing good organizing habits, engaging in clutter control, and knowing how to set priorities. Here are some tips for how to organize your life that are easy to remember if you can just remember the letter "O".


If you want to gain control over your life it is essential to know how to say no. You simply can't do everything. So knowing how to opt out is essential for personal organization. You can achieve a more organized life if you opt out of shopping for things you do not need, or doing things that others can and should take responsibility for.


You will need to explore creative options for getting some of those everyday things accomplished. Encourage everyone to do their own laundry, rotate the responsibility for grocery shopping, and create chore charts for kids if you haven't already got a system for that. If you keep doing things the same way then you will get the same result. In fact it was Einstein who said that insanity is expecting to get a different result when you do things the same way all the time.


Create order in your life by setting up systems for everyday processes. Without order you life will seem chaotic and out of control. Chaos is one of the biggest causes of stress. Where does order come from? You create order in your life when you think ahead and plan. Take the time to plan it and it is much easier to organize it!

Order of Importance

Knowing how to set priorities is essential for personal organization. Everything does not have the same level of importance. Some things are more important than others. Not knowing how to set priorities can result in procrastination because not doing anything is less painful than trying to do everything. Everybody has a lot to do. Some things need to be done, some things need to be done right away, and other things are optional. One of the important tips for how to organize your life is to learn how to set priorities and do those things that have the highest importance first.

Out with Oppressive and Overwhelming Clutter

Clutter is oppressive and will obstruct the flow of energy in your home (according to Feng Shui). Not only that but if you do not practice regular clutter control you will eventually be overwhelmed by the task of getting rid of all the clutter that has accumulated. Purge your belonging regularly. This not only creates more room in your closet and your home but in your life as well. As long as you get rid of clutter regularly it is not hanging around, building up and constantly reminding you that something needs to be done.

If you can remember the fifteenth letter of the alphabet, you can remember these 5 tips on how to organize your home and your life. Personal organization is all about the "O".

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