It’s natural to want to look your best, and one of the most popular ways to improve your look is to improve how you dress. While dressing in more stylish clothes that fit you properly can make a world of difference in your appearance, there is more to your style than just the clothes and accessories you wear. With the right approach, you can make yourself look better no matter what clothes you’re wearing. Here are four ways to look better that don’t have a thing to do with what you wear.

Get Fit
You don’t need to be built like a bodybuilder or a supermodel to look good, but people always look better when they’re in shape. Clothes tend to fit better on those with lean physiques, and you’ll feel better about yourself when you get fit.

Getting into better shape is all about building the right habits for yourself, including eating the right foods and exercising frequently. The simplest way to improve what you eat is to focus on natural foods over junk foods. As far as exercise is concerned, start slowly and just aim to do a physical activity every day. Even a short walk is fine. This will get you into the habit of being active.

Whiten Your Smile
It’s amazing how much of a difference your teeth can make. When your teeth are nice and white instead of a yellow or a dull brown color, you’ll want to flash your smile all the time. The best way to start improving your smile is to brush and floss at least twice per day, rinse with mouthwash at least once per day and see your dentist every six months for a cleaning.

If you want to give your teeth an extra boost, you can also talk to your dentist about teeth whitening, which can make your teeth several shades lighter in one office visit. If your dentist doesn’t offer whitening, just search something like “teeth whitening garland tx” in Google and check out your local options.

Take Care of Your Skin
If you don’t treat your skin well, you’ll see the effects of it eventually, and these changes can be difficult and sometimes impossible to reverse. When you take care of your skin properly, it will be smooth and even give you a bit of a glow.

You could try all kinds of skincare products, but all you really need for healthy skin is water and moisturizer. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as this nourishes your skin, and apply moisturizer once or twice per day. If you spend any time in the sun for a tan, make sure to wear sunscreen for protection.

Improve Your Confidence
The change that can have the biggest effect on how you look isn’t anything physical, it’s mental. When you’re confident in yourself, you’ll look much better than if you’re feeling insecure. Just think of those people who exude confidence and seem like they can pull off even the most ridiculous outfits.

Building your confidence takes time, but the way to do it is to always keep a positive attitude about yourself. If you truly believe that you look great, then your body language will reflect that. Of course, you can also help yourself here by practicing proper posture with your head up and your shoulders back. Don’t be afraid to fake it ‘til you make it here. If you pretend to be confident to yourself, eventually it will become natural to you.

Personal style isn’t just clothing; it’s the entire package. When you follow the tips above, you’ll improve your style in ways you’d miss if you only focused on your wardrobe.

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Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking, and gardening. For more information contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.