Achieving personal success means different things to different people but it all boils down to knowing what you want and then going out and getting it! Some may have the desire to become successful with their own business thereby attaining financial freedom from a traditional job! For others finding happiness may concern something more along the lines of meaningful relationships with family and friends! Although people may have different goals or preferences the best way to become successful reaching your objectives can be summed up in 3 relatively simple steps!

What Do You Want

Profound yet simple there it is, what exactly is it that will make you feel complete, whole, successful or happy? Finding happiness starts with knowing how to identify it if you see it! This gives you a clearer picture of what is important to you, what makes you tick and what it is you should be focusing on! Maybe it's spiritual in nature or perhaps something a little more materialistic but in either case you need to define what will make you happy! Only by doing so can you place yourself in a position to become successful achieving what it will take to reach your objective!

What Don't You Want

Now this is just as important as determining what you want since this gives you the 'warning' signs' that you're off track. It also helps you plan more deliberately to avoid the things you find unpleasant and helps you better coordinate your efforts to get where you want to go! Knowing what you want and don't want for that matter also helps you spend your time more productively and enjoyably since now your focus is clearer. Making this determination helps you be more productive from the standpoint that the actions you do take will ultimately make you a happier person! In the end that's all anybody really wants and that is to be happy and if you can achieve that then you're a success!

What Are You Waiting For

You've made all the determinations as to what direction you need to take to get where you want to go now it's up to you to take action! In order to become successful at anything action must be taken or nothing happens and your own desires remain merely a dream!

Personal success is just that, personal, and it means different things for different people. As our discussion above has pointed out it all starts with knowing what you want. Once this determination is made it makes it much easier to actually become successful at reaching your goals and objectives! Finding happiness either personally or professionally first requires defining your goals and then taking the necessary actions to reach them in the most straight-forward fashion! The 3 simple steps reviewed above hopefully serve to help anybody become successful living a more complete and happier life!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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