A personal timeline is a linear presentation that visualizes important moments in an individual’s life, such as shifting a house, getting married, changing a job or many other events. Usually it is created when you put together a chronological order of events, people and experiences in your life down in the shape of a graph or a diagram. These timelines also record a series of events or activities that you would like to take part in today or in future. The basic objective of this timeline is to have a track of individual’s important events as well as the achievements done during their life. While creating a personal timeline of an individual, list down all significant and influential events in the course of his or her life.
Generally, a personal timeline is an effective tool that place each moment be on their record starting from the past up to the present time. Here some key steps for creating an effective timeline such as research, brainstorming, drafting, revising and finalizing. Using the personal timeline to make sure that the crucial events of your life are listed in an organized way, therefore you know that what went right or wrong in the path of your goals. So these timelines help you refer to the timeline as well as help to make the best decision in the future. For making free and easy timelines you have to visit my website Log Template
Generally in a personal timeline first you have to write the date of the event and then a short description about what happened in the event. With the help of personal timeline you can easily look back and know what kind of person you have been, what your beliefs are as well as it also indicates that where you need to improve. Normally every individual has a story to tell so personal timeline can be a great way of looking into the emotional side as well.The basic purpose of this timeline is that it serves as a single track on which you can easily view your life and you can see both negative as well as positive shifts on the way.
Basically a personal timeline is a grid that enables you to have a bird's eye view of your life significant events as well as it is very crucial to see the positive and negative shifts along the way on a single trajectory. Here are some basic benefits of using these timelines such as recognizing basic achievements, growth opportunities, lessons, persons, new wisdoms, realize the value of negative shifts as opportunities towards positive shifts, find new meanings between your life at present in relation to your past as well as future and understand how your experiences better prepared you to face future challenges.

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