The benefits of a good strength training program are almost endless. It can lessen disease, strengthen bones, promote healthier joints and most importantly, having a stronger and leaner body.

In this article I want to point out the ways strength training can help improve your lifestyle now and as you get older.

Even if you are low on time, strength training only needs to be done three times per week with each session lasting no more than thirty minutes to one hour. For 2-3 hours per week, huge benefits can be realized.

Regular strength training will help you in day to day activities around the house and at your job. It will keep you independent which is especially important as you get older. Imagine not being able to lift a five pound bag of groceries or taking the garbage out by yourself.

Strength training also helps lowering the risk of osteoporosis, hypertension and diabetes. Helps with avoiding lower back pain, increases bone density which is important for older men and women.

Strength training increases lean muscle which burns more calories throughout the day and also burns fat. Even with all these benefits, many people are reluctant to start training with weights. Concerns include injury, incorrect form and for women; not wanting to grow muscles and get that bulky look.

As for the concern that women will get muscular like men, it won't happen without the help of steroids, which you shouldn't ever consider using.

When beginning your strength training program, the risk of getting hurt can be greatly reduced by starting out with a personal trainer. As you become more comfortable with form and exercises you can slowly do the exercises yourself.

If you lack the motivation to stick with your routine, you may need to keep working with your fitness trainer to keep you motivated to reach your goals of losing weight and burning fat.

Personal trainers will also help you to understand the difference between using free weights, body weight exercises and resistance bands. Each has their benefits and both should be incorporated in a strength training routine.

Sometimes when we think of being healthy, we think of eating and running. While these are important, strength training should never be left out. Strength training provides benefits to your health that cannot be found with any other mode of exercise and shouldn't be forgotten.

I hope this article answers some questions about why resistance training is important to help fight off disease and chronic conditions when you are young, middle aged and also as a senior.

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