Would you like to lose the excess kilos? Have you wanted to lose weight for a long time and are you unsuccessful? If you want to improve your strength, agility, endurance, coordination and speed. Or if you are the one interested to go extra miles for fitness coaching with specific sports objectives such as preparing for an MMA match or kickboxing match then you must hire a personal trainer to get the job done for you.

Also, if you are embarrassed in a gym because you think that many people are watching you, personal training is for you. 1 on 1 guidance is ideal for this.

What is Personal Training?
There are many descriptions of what Personal Training means. Everyone also has their own thoughts and ideas and that is really great. Every person is unique in many ways, but we all strive for health and happiness and everyone does this in their own way. This is all about training and fitness what you can easily learn during the personal training session or certification.

Over the years, experience has shown that working together with a Personal Trainer is an effective way to achieve your goals. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, after an intake interview, a good picture can be formed of what is needed to achieve these objectives. The frequency and training method (s) must be clearly determined during your training sessions. Training schedules and dietary advice can also be prepared on request, by a good personal trainer.
The training sessions at NESTA are tailor-made for everyone. Limits are searched for and if you want to achieve results they are often exceeded.

How does Personal Training work?
The following topics will be discussed based on an intake interview:

  • Objectives
  • Health / complaints
  • Sports history
  • Eating habits
  • Ask for help
  • Plan of action
  • Appointment for the first training
  • Benefits of Personal Training
  • Personal attention
  • Customized program
  • Challenging trainings
  • Varied program
  • Helps you achieve goals
  • Helps you on the mental level
  • Faster results (Strength / Agility / Endurance / Coordination / Speed
  • A good feeling

Benefits Personal training
Your personal trainer makes a customized 'training plan'. Not just a fitness schedule but much more. It is great when someone really listens to you. Someone who understands you, has a listening ear, knows what you need, strokes you, compliments you and occasionally gives you a kick in the ass. This is exactly what a personal trainer can do for you. Most personal trainers can also help you enormously with putting together a diet plan. "What exactly should I eat and what should I eat less of?"

Disadvantages of Personal Training
In my view, the only drawback is that everyone can call themselves a Personal Trainer. The quality and reliability of a Personal Trainer is not always clear in advance. If strength, muscle mass, and abandonment are your goals, don't stay with a Personal Trainer who's just yelling at you. Use common sense and go by what suits you best. There are very good Personal Trainers and I know from experience that there are also very good trainers.

The costs are also often seen as a disadvantage. However, when results are achieved, it is unaffordable. Consider achieving the strict physical admission requirements with the police or navy. You can assume that a Personal Trainer is a specialist in his or her field.

How to become a Fitness Trainer?
Do you feel that you have insufficient energy? Are you looking for a better balance between work and private life? Then Personal Training and lifestyle coaching is the answer.

Personal training and lifestyle coaching is individual coaching in sports. This effective method developed by combination of strength and fitness training, flexibility, breathing exercises and relaxation. Turning a passion for sports and fitness into a career, you can go outside to work on a healthy body and clear mind. After a few training sessions you will discover that your battery is charging and that you are getting more energy. A better balance between body and mind is created in a natural way. With mindful training you work towards a healthy lifestyle.

With the personal training certification you can simply start your fitness career by helping people achieve their goals and get the best results of your advanced knowledge. That way your clients can (again) optimally enjoy life. By occasionally standing still and listening better to your body, you learn to guard your limits and make choices that are good for you. You become more productive by doing less.

If you want to get the most out of your body and achieve maximum results and you want to improve your figure and health, start your personal training certification today and turn your passion for sports and fitness into a career.

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Misty Jhones