The next evolutionary step in human development will entail the change in mass mind consciousness from seeing ourselves as mere creatures existing within universe to seeing ourselves as conscious creators of universe.

In other words, we will stop blaming the existence of the universe (and how it unfolds) on some cosmic accident or some deity; and we will start accepting the responsibility for how the universe is being created anew in each new moment.

Some people alive on this planet are making that transition right now. Throughout history, there have been the few, the shamans, the seers, the mystics, who have set out clues and signposts for the rest of us to follow. However, now, in this time, while you are alive, a great many individuals are making that evolutionary leap in to the Age of Conscious Awareness.

These many current wayshowers will affect the great collective subconscious, the morphic field, the meta-meme of all humanity and we will collectively wake up to our potential to self-actuate as conscious creators. In the same way that a few astronauts getting off this planet into outer space gave us all a greater perspective of our physical reality, these explorers of the vast realms of inner space will provide us all with a vaster perspective of our metaphysical reality.

The overall purpose of this website is to assist you in personally making that change of perspective, that personal transformation from seeing yourself as being a creature to becoming a creator. Once you stop envisioning yourself simply as a creature existing within an explicit external creation and start also seeing yourself as the creator of the implicit internal creation you have immersed yourself within, you will begin the process of self-directed evolution.

There have been various terms coined to describe this advanced or elevated state of awareness: Cosmic Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Mind, Oversoul Awareness, Divine Enlightenment and Transcendence are a few of the names that have been assigned to the experience of self as greater than egocentric biological entity.

That aforementioned "vaster perspective of our metaphysical reality" will enable us to finally live up to our self-assigned name of Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Since all things physical, including you and the entire physical universe you exist within, spring forth from the greater metaphysical reality, we will come to not only see ourselves as creators but will be able to become conscious creators. You will come to understand (and eventually, consciously apply) that what you imagine, idealize and affirm in your creative imagination is the metaphysical origin of what shows up in your physical reality.

Don't worry, I am not going to take away your deity. Yes, a Universal Consciousness creates, sustains and enlivens the physical universe. But know this... your individual consciousness is an integral part of this universal consciousness.

Just as an architect may envision and design a cathedral and then the individual artisans create the stained glass windows, the soaring arches and the inspirational paintings that make up the cathedral, a divine architect may have envisioned and designed the universe, but it will be the individual artisans, you and me, who create all the aspects that make up the whole of the creation. Like Gaudi's famed Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, this universal cathedral is constantly under construction.

The universe blinks in and out of existence in each and every quantum moment. Each time it blinks back into existence, it incorporates the new things that were created in the previous moment. So when you insert a new vibratory pattern into the existing overall quantum vibration of universe in one moment, it will show up as reality in the next quantum moment.

You may not notice these changes in universe unless you look closely, but they are nevertheless there. One new intricate hand-made tile is added to complete one of the many spires of Gaudi's creation while you were distracted by the girl in the red dress, and when you look back at the cathedral, you may not notice this tiny but critical change. Just because you were not paying attention as it was happening, or do not notice after it has occurred, does not mean it did not happen and does not mean it was unimportant.

Every time you think a thought, you insert a new vibratory pattern into the overall vibratory matrix that is universe. Since most of your thoughts are 'same old, same old' repetitive subconscious loops, most of what you insert into universe is nothing more than re-affirmation of what already exists.

When you intentionally create a new thought, that new vibratory pattern changes universe. When you hold this thought constantly through many successive quantum moments (keep affirming it), it becomes an indelible part of how the universe is unfolding. Let me make it plain to you. The universe is unfolding in exact accord with how and what you imagine.

Of course there is more to it. Your emotions also add to universe. For example, when you hold an emotion of fear, you change universe; when you hold an emotion of love, you change universe. (If universe is too big for you to believe in, substitute the word world for the word universe.)

Everything that exists is a vibratory pattern. A molecule is a vibratory pattern. A flower is a vibratory pattern. The flower's aroma is a vibratory pattern. Your every thought is a vibratory pattern. Your every emotion is a vibratory pattern. Vibratory patterns are energy. When you eat, you don't get energy from what you eat, you are actually eating energy. When you eat a carrot, you are eating a vibratory pattern, you are feeding on energy. The planet that you live on feeds on the energy from the star it orbits.

When you think and emote, you are emitting energy; just as Sol, your star, is emitting all kinds of energy, including the range of electromagnetic energy you call light. I want to wake you up to your ability to consciously let your light shine so that other entities may feed on your energy.

That's not quite right. Other entities are already feeding on your energy. For a simple example, your employer is getting rich off your work. (work = energy) When you are emitting the energy of fear, you are empowering those entities that feed on fear. If you pay attention to what is going on in the world around you, you will soon see that you are being manipulated to emit more fear. Like a farmer adding fertilizer to his fields in order to increase the yield of his crop, you are being fed information/fertilizer to increase the amount of fear you produce so that those who feed on fear can have more of what they need to stay alive and powerful.

I want you to stop empowering those who feed on your fear. I want you to start emitting more love so that you can empower those entities that feed on love. Entities like human babies, like puppies, like all the creatures that inhabit this planet, like you, yourself, like the stars themselves.

I want you to stop allowing yourself to be manipulated. I want you to stop being a mere creature. I want you to become a conscious co-creator of universe. I want you to create a joyous, beautiful, ever-more-wondrous universe. I want you to accept your divinity. I want you to accept your responsibility by being conscious and intentional of what you are creating in each quantum moment by the thoughts and emotions you are emitting. I want to empower you to become all that you are capable of becoming.

The application of knowledge begets power. Educate yourself, envision your ideal world/universe and then enact your ideals. Go ahead. Get creative.

What if...

Upon awakening from a dream, you recognized that you were still dreaming?

And you realized that your dream could be directed by your intentional choices?

You began to consciously think about how you desired that your dream would unfold?

There were so many optional future possibilities that you wanted to see each one play out?

It all became so beautifully and intriguingly intricate, you became completely enraptured by it?

Your love for this dreaming illusion became so intense that you forgot that you were dreaming again?
And your dream, yet again, became known to you as your only reality?

Would you have become lost in your dream or would you have found yourself in your dreaming?

Would you be the creature of your dreams or the creator of your reality?

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