How to determine your personal year for this year 2018.
Add the total sum of your month and day of birth to 2 (the number of the universal year 2018). For example March 3 is 3+3+2=8 personal year. Or October 4 is l+0+4+2=7 personal year. Or December 25 is 1+2+2+5+2=12=1+2=3 personal year (master numbers have not been included here). Find your personal year below.

1 Personal Year-Your creative instincts are active now and you are alive with new ideas and possibilities. You may feel the need to further explore talent that has not been fully developed. You will find yourself wanting to enjoy a time of revitalizing friendships who share similar interests. Inspirations come in the strangest of moments and from the unlikeliest of sources. Your imagination will allow you to improvise when needed and succeed where other cower. You are strong in chaos and are able to make go survival decisions.
External events during this year may require that you be ready to take new directions and responses in a hurry. Many of you will be busy providing advice and assistance to souls and groups who are confused with circumstances that have gotten completely out of control. Traditional institutions and leadership will be compromised and ineffectual in many instances. Because you have been honing your trust of intuition you act quickly and confidently and your word will be heard by those who are caught up in fear and doubt.

2 Personal Year-This can be the year that you will remember for the changes in direction that you embark upon. It is time to separate fantasy from what you are truly capable of accomplishing. You will benefit from being better focused and in touch with your inner reality. Many of you will be blessed with cosmic clues regarding the earth’s situation and how you fit into coming events.. It is a favorable moment to invest in yourself and put your ideas into practical application. You will find yourself placed in a perfect position perform work that is both personally rewarding and of considerable value to a society that is in breakdown mode.
Social issues will become a larger concern in your life and as you take a different direction from that which you might have planned on a year or two ago. As follow your innermost hunches you will go on confidently where others falter. There will be a chance to speak out with conviction and have impact identifying and reversing the lies and deception coming from traditional sources. The shifting mood of public opinion presents an opportunity for you to stand up and be acknowledged for your penetrating insight about how to address current crisis.

3 Personal Year-You have reached a point in your personal growth where you are able to see through the dynamics of many dysfunctional behaviors that lie within you and those around you. Newly awakened spiritual and mystical inspirations activate a search to know more about higher energies and multiple levels of consciousness. You paranormal sensitivities are more open now. Discontent with the social lies and public deceit, leads you to others with similar souls who are seeking a new ethics and integrity in both social and personal dealings. This attitude can be of inspiration and inspiration to others if it is communicated carefully and with discernment.
On the lighter side the events at this time are inclined to be more candid and open with close associates. Your inner and outer zest for living takes you into a new level of live meaning, and you experience a more synergistic life connection. Mystical visions may become more frequent. You experience inventive, serendypical and outright fanciful insights about alternative forms of technology, spirituality and living.

4 Personal Year -You have become troubled about social deterioration that is taking place around you. Perhaps fate has placed you in this situation in order for you to help bring some stability into the chaos around you. You could benefit now from a course that teaches synergistic blending of intuitive mind and intellectual mind. You are troubled by outrageous social behavior that is flourishing in the media and entertainment world. Your stable emotional stature and confident organizational skills come in useful now as those around you become more fearful and scattered. . You have the necessary focus and clarity to get things done correctly and quickly amid chaos and confusion..
This is a busy and emotionally charged cycle in your life as you come face to face with some personal issues of dysfunction that have troubled you for most of your life. You realize that you need to be more attentive to the fast changing technologies of communication. This proves to be a good time to clear up an old enmeshed relationship. It becomes clear now that you do not want to be draining energy trying to maintain a toxic relationship. It is important to be focused and intent in the direction you are going on a spiritual and mundane path

5 Personal Year-This year can bring global events which can deflect your life plans and direction. Amid the unexpected changes and potential chaos you are able to establish a more stable connection to an inner source of strength and empowerment. You can benefit now by taking more time to refine your technique of going within. You amaze others as you are able to maintain inner serenity while the outer world does an out of control dance. You will have a greater respect for the meaning of serendipity by the time this year has passed. . You are lucky at the most untimely moments. Your introduction to some ancient historical documents alters your world belief system as it will for much of the global population.
This is a time that will bring challenges to both your resolve and personal faith. You find inspiration and creative originality from good music and dance. You may have felt delayed and frustrated by the events that took place last year. However, this year may well offer some extraordinary events of growth, both internal and external. A glimpse of universal archetypes can result from tapping into the universal language.

6 Personal Year -This can be a time when you recognize limitations of old socially programmed patterns and debris that no longer fits with your own developing self-identity. It is an emotional time and you may feel dramatic fluctuations. You once worried that some things were slipping away. That is probably true. You are losing some old shells of unnecessary dysfunction and moving toward a higher state of integration. If the stress is too much, you may want to seek help from a professional or trusted third party such as a mentor or guide.
As the year begins you are better able to recognize negative traits within your personality. You experience a sense of relief and freedom as you release the weight of hidden secrets and previously repressed dysfunctional traits. You will be blessed by time spent with a new spiritual family, and ready to celebrate being united with familiar old souls. All of you rejoice at being able to share a depth of communication that comes from cosmic connections as well as those from within the center of your own being.

7 Personal Year-As you wait and watch, it is clear that much of society is out of control and out of touch with higher spiritual laws. Although you recognize much of the madness in the world, you want to be cautious in speaking out impulsively since so many are attached to their illusion of stability and normalcy. This is not to encourage giving up your personal principles. It does, however, encourage you to use discernment and proper timing. It is important to release your unconscious fears and insecurities that are magnified by the angst of the masses. In doing so, you become a more effective social spokesperson.
There is an internal struggle with your own spiritual beliefs, as your ego tries to do as it chooses while your spiritual training suggests higher path. You find yourself more frequently in conflict with leadership that misapplies and abuses authority. Your life is suddenly swept up in external events events that you could not see coming. An act of nature could play a part in altering your plans as to where to live and what you will bedoing..

8 Personal Year- You have begun to find a more effective manner of interacting within society. Perhaps you have been anti-social and rebellious toward the deceit and corruption of the social world around you. You have tried to awaken the ignorant and inspire those who are sensing the need for major revamping of the social structure. Many of you will now become better placed to reach the masses and be a part of reform. More people are now ready to receive the truth that you have to offer. Momentum is turning your way, and you will meet with less resistance as you go about your tasks.. Be careful not to become arrogant about your good fortune and let an out of control ego sabotage the progress that you make.
You can break through embedded fears of success and application of power. This is an important time to resolve negative issues with your father and other male archetypal energies. Introduction to the wisdom and other world origins of culture leads you to further investigation and an opportunity to get a vastly expaned perspective upon social beliefs and traditions. Contacts that you made many years ago now begin to pay off by introducing you to people who are in the know and active performing a part of the changes that you support.

9 Personal Year- This year finds you on a roller coaster of emotional moods and swings. You find yourself examining some of your longest lasting dysfunctional patterns, and you are quickly realizing how to release the anger underlying these negative feelings. Erotic curiosity of a spiritual kind can result in a mutual union of an elevated kind. You start to acknowledge previously hidden talents that others had recognized and encouraged you to develop. You will soon be introduced to a discipline of consciousness that opens your sensitivity to an entirely new range of awareness. It can be a time of mystical moments of a meaningful kind.
You are particularly active in the development of your intuitive and cosmic awareness. The challenges and changes taking place in society around you have made you aware of just how illusory this distorted 3rd dimensional material world can be. You meet people at this time who have gone through extraordinary events of consciousness, and you have much in common to share with them. Financial and temporal matters will occupy more of your time as the global economies go through upheaval and rearrangement. You will want to get this aspect of your life balanced so that you can explore more deeply into matters of your heart and soul.

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Lynn Buess MA, EdS has affectionately been referred to as the grandfather of modern American numerology. Or, sometimes more quaintly as “old man numbers”. With over 50 years of study and practice: he has written more than a dozen books, spent over a dozen years of international travel in over a dozen countries teaching and conducting personal sessions. His list of creative contributions to the field continues to grow with each passing cycle of his professional journey. He has for decades been ahead of the pack with his insight and foresight.

He offers an unprecedented blend of psychology, cosmology and spirituality to numerology. With a background of conducting decades of therapy sessions, past life regressions, healing sessions (sound, color, crystals. and more) and dozens of exorcisms, he has a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience that adds to his numerical acumen. His vision is constantly expanding and seeking to integrate ever changing patterns of human spiritual evolution.