1 Personal Year-The world will be dramatically altered by the end of this year, and so, too, will the direction and purpose of your life. Unexpected changes will cause you to refocus, and unexplained events will cause you to reflect. Adaptability to new conditions will be required to keep you in step and on the path you wish. Most of the change comes after April, and the benefits of the change will be more known to you by the summer months. You recover from some of the surprises and redirect your path around October and November of the year. You develop a better grasp of world conditions and how you can adjust and benefit from rapid changes before most of your social contemporaries. You rediscover an inner strength that comes from connecting more confidently and directly to your inner Source and guidance.

This time brings a different sort of associate and friends that liven up your life and stir up some alternative ways of looking at life and what is to come. You could so some traveling on both this world, and for some, into other realms. Old limits and restraints are lifted, and a definitely different paradigm emerges in front of you. Are you ready to take the quantum leap?

2 Personal Year-Perhaps you are starting to see through the many of earth’s illusions. Does that mean you sink into despair or give up? Some do and some have. You have a grand opportunity to redefine your Self-image and place not only on earth, but in the stars. The first three months of the year can be troubling, turbulent and/or transforming. Even if you choose transformation, part of the stretch can still be turbulent. An emotional cleansing during this time can stir up a lot of old and deep karmic fears and potentials. As you enter July there is a good chance of a purging process that leaves you with an opportunity for rebirth and better perspective of the Truth and the darkness around you.

You see man, God, life and the universe in an expanded way.
Mundane matters can get complicated and demanding, thus taking up time you would rather be spending elsewhere. It is wise to settle bookkeeping, bills and obligations so as to free your time for more valuable matters. You have some inspirational ideas and possibilities around March and April that could lead to a different direction for your life.

3 Personal Year-You have an opportunity to become further detached from the emotional entrapment of the third dimension matrix rat race and more in touch with your guiding spirit. The paradox is that by doing so you can also find yourself becoming more efficient in the illusionary matrix. There are things to get done there and with higher guidance you can get through it more swiftly and efficiently. You become more comfortable with natural talents and are learning to express yourself with greater poise and clarity. This translates to attracting more focused and complimentary associates. February can be a most inspirational cycle and bythe end of the summer you could be full swing in motion with an original project of the heart.

It will not be easy to stay positive in light of the global and national events shaping your life around you. However, your confidence and demeanor stays far more positive and directed than that of the masses around you. You will be more stable and a source of inspiration and guidance to those who fear and doubt. Good friends and similar souls around you give support and share lighter moments at just the right time.

4 Personal Year-Something keeps calling from within that hints at a new course of purpose for your life. January could bring a flash of intuition of coming change and there is a good chance things start to happen around late spring that take you in a different direction. If you have been doing internal contemplation you may feel guided to take an alternative spiritual direction of personal growth. You could break from tradition and chart an entirely different path toward your vision of connecting to the One. Late spring and early summer months could be a time of major transition in thought and spirit. Your changes of direction can include improvement of diet, exercise and attention to the physical body along with spirit and soul.

If you have been working hard to get to the summit of your success this is a year that may see you do just that! Organization, preparation and perspiration have never worked better together than to help you reach that goal. A seminar or training course could come up and be a helpful tool to move you on your path.

5 Personal Year-Life can suddenly turn boring and empty, while paradoxically, full of emerging excitement and anticipation. You are losing some interest in conventional religious leadership and existential dogmas. Some of your most time consuming activities do not hold much of your interest any more. You may worry and wonder about just what the heck is going on! May, June and July can be a time of tumultuous alteration in the course of direction for your life. Changes in your inner world and outer residence could be a part of the evolutionary direction you take before this year is over. This can be enhanced by meeting new people who are going to be similar of thought and purpose and help in the process of broadening your horizons.

You may have enjoyed the process of participation in life with vim and vigor. In some areas there has been overindulgence and waste. An honest assessment of possible compulsive or addictive behavior can lead to some reformation of habits and redirecting of energy into truly productive activities. All play and no work can make Jack later regret. Some fun in the right amount can make Jack more productive.

6 Personal Year-Home, hearth and heart get your attention this year and the potential for a breakthrough of heart looms high in probability. You could find the love of your life and/or you may find that your love is what gives you life. You can clear out family and old karmic dysfunction and become healthier on every level of your being. Just in time as those around you grow more unstable and out of control. You will be called upon to tend to others at this time, and your inner stability will be encouraging and uplifting to those in need. A most productive creative project is stimulating and also becomes a conduit for catharsis. These move fast from June on through the fall.

If you are ready for a more enduring and compatible relationship, this could be the year. A relationship with a strong willed partner can be challenging, but if handled well allows you to become more focused and disciplined rather than rebellious and immature. For many of you this is a cycle that leads to the start of a long, strong and lasting relationship of mind, body and soul.

7 Personal Year-Perhaps this year will be a little less emotionally variable than the past. If you have worked to stabilize the emotional tides of last year, you can focus more upon stabilizing your inner spirit. The world is in turmoil and wisdom is at a low point in human leadership around the globe. This is a favorable cycle for you to become more acquainted with your source of wisdom and higher guidance. February and then September can be high tide periods of elevation of consciousness which leads you into a more refined level of insight and approach to the challenges before you. New worlds abound and new doors can open into the splendor of opportunity from the universe.

You might choose to further your education or get some specialized training to help you further attain your objectives. Internet research can take you into some paths of knowledge that you had not previously thought about. You are curious, concerned and cautious about making new assumptions, but the truth just seems to jump out and grab you.

8 Personal Year-If you have not in the past: you may take a deeper interest in the monetary and economic trends at home and around the world. It may prove helpful to planning your own funds and coming out at the end of the year with prosperity while others feel the heat of currency collapses and decline. You are troubled by the vast abuse of power shown by leaders worldwide. You may have experienced in your own childhood, and want to be careful in your own way of assertion. February could see the door open for some advancement and recognition of your own. You are exploring ways to improve our administrative skills and to lead wisely, fairly and well. The summer time could see you receiving an offer from a desired professional source.

You will want to take care of the practical and mechanical apparatus around your home, or minor troubles could become a costly repair. Attention to changing trends with technology and communications devices will pay off by placing you in the position to spread the word when others are sputtering and stalling to get on the issue.

9 Personal Year-You are starting to better realize how important it is to do your mental and emotional housecleaning along with attention to the physical needs of exercise, diet and internal organ cleanses. By February you are alert to a program that will aid in your transformation process. The summer finds you focusing upon clearing up matters in relationships so that you can concentrate upon integration of your own animus and anima. You see the possibility of opening the door to yet another layer of consciousness that has eluded you up until now. Perhaps you share the sorrow of how dark much of the planet has become and long for a mass awakening to the greater potential of humanity and opening the door to our greater cosmic destiny. Perhaps you will see a longer glimpse of such evolving.
You may feel as if there is something unfinished in your life, and if that is so this is a time that can allow you the opportunity to seek and hopefully find that purpose.

The nine can be a number of dreams come true, and an old saying is, “get your outworn stuff out of the way to let that happen”. You may have to release ego attached aspirations and years of dogmatic inculcations on the way to your Truth.

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Buess MA, EdS has affectionately been referred to as the grandfather of modern American numerology. Or, sometimes more quaintly as “old man numbers”. With over 50 years of study and practice: he has written more than a dozen books, spent over a dozen years of international travel in over a dozen countries teaching and conducting personal sessions. His list of creative contributions to the field continues to grow with each passing cycle of his professional journey. He has for decades been ahead of the pack with his insight and foresight.

He offers an unprecedented blend of psychology, cosmology and spirituality to numerology. With a background of conducting decades of therapy sessions, past life regressions, healing sessions (sound, color, crystals. and more) and dozens of exorcisms, he has a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience that adds to his numerical acumen. His vision is constantly expanding and seeking to integrate ever changing patterns of human spiritual evolution.