In the days before the widespread take up of digital photography, photo albums tended to be fairly primitive, basic affairs, usually little more than scrap books with individual photographs taped or glued onto the pages. The digital revolution has ushered in a whole new era, however, meaning you can keep your favorite photographs in a manner befitting some of your most treasured possessions.

If you go into any high street bookshop it’s impossible to escape the conclusion that some of the most luxurious items available are the photo books. Usually showcasing the work of a particular professional photographer or bringing together a selection of images united by a common theme – it may be a particular celebrity, a place or a subject such as cars or animals – books such as this are always printed on the finest quality paper and bound to the highest possible standards. This is often reflected in the price charged for the books, and in the fact that the printing is also of the best quality available, with every colour and line crystal clear and pin sharp.

In the past, this type of publication has been the preserve of professionals, but now absolutely anyone can use their own favourite images to put together a book of the highest possible quality, picking and choosing the photographs which mean the most to them, and being in a position to tailor every single facet of their photo book until it is totally unique. The process of putting a book like this together has been made incredibly simple, with software which has been especially designed to be instinctive and intuitive, meaning that someone with no experience of either computing or design can put together a volume of the highest standard. All that you need to do is select the images which you wish to bring together. It may be that you’re making a book to give as a gift, in which case the images will be chosen with their tastes and emotional attachments in mind, whether that means gathering family images or pictures of a certain place or subject.

Alternatively, you might be creating a book for your own enjoyment, perhaps collecting images of your favorite recipes, or putting together a record of an unforgettable holiday. No matter what the subject, the process is the same. First you upload the images of choice to the right website, then you utilise the software to tweak and alter every aspect of the book. Whether it’s hard or soft backed, has a plain, luxury leather cover or a full color image on the front and even basics such as the size, shape and number of pages – all are up for grabs, and once you’ve planned the layout of each page and added any text you wish to feature the finished volume will be produced to the highest possible standard. A world away from the amateurish photo albums of yesteryear, but at a price which is easily affordable, and using the same technology which makes the production of personalized greeting cards so simple, it brings books fit to sit on any coffee table within the reach of everyone.

The next time you’re looking through your old photo albums, enjoying the memories they bring back, imagine how much better the experience would be if it was a photo book instead, preserving the memories in a state of luxury. From greeting cards to bespoke leather backed volumes, the range of things you can do with your digital photographs is dazzling.

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