Once upon a time there were very few things you could do with your photos once you’d had them taken – put them in an album, hide them in a tin or stick them in a frame. The technological leap forward encapsulated by digital photography has changed all this, allowing anyone to turn their photos into a wide range of photo gifts up to and including previously unthinkable items such as photo mugs.
At bonusprint.co.uk we offer a dazzling array of options or those wishing to turn their treasured photos into gifts. After all, what could be more personal and heartfelt as a gift for a grandparent, for example, than something which bears a beautiful photo of a much loved grandchild? Or, perhaps you run a business, club or society, and want to have some products which you can give as promotional gifts but which are truly unique and take the image you wish to portray out into the wider world. Whatever the reason, if you want to turn your photos into quality photo gifts, then you really need look no further than bonusprint.co.uk. Amongst the gifts we offer are:

Photo Mugs - Have the image of your choice, be it a family photo or a company logo, printed onto both sides of a high quality mug. The image will be dishwasher safe and last a lifetime. Go one stage further with multiple images, or an image and a text message. As ever, the choice is yours.
Framed Prints – Have your photo turned into a professional standard framed print. Available in a wide range of sizes and over two hundred different styles of frame. Simply upload your photo and choose a frame to suit.

Photo Book – Have selections of your favourite photos turned into a high quality hard or soft backed book. The flexibility of the process means that you can choose the number of pages, the format, the style of the cover and the layout of the images within the book. Add to this the option to include text, and the fact that all of the materials used are of the finest possible quality, and you’ll agree that a personalised photo book makes for a high quality, unique and individual gift.

Photo Coasters – Upload the photo of your choice and have it turned into a set of high quality glass or acrylic coasters which are practical, personal and visually appealing.

Photo Cards – cards for any occasion can be as personal and unique as you like with an uploaded image on the front and a selection of text and borders. Available in a range of sizes and as greeting cards or postcards, our photo cards are printed on high quality card and available at prices which will beat those you’d pay in a card shop.
If you want to give a gift which truly says something about you and genuinely touches the heart of the recipient, then choose photo gifts such as framed prints or photo mugs, and know that yours will be the gift that truly keeps on giving.

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