Personality development possesses the central importance in attaining the successful career. From the first day of school, a child is trained in order to bring changes in his personality. The teachers start developing his mind, thoughts, body language, and way of talking. A man gets impression from his surroundings. He receives inspiration from his colleagues and friends. He considers his parents the role model, and start following them initially. He thinks that whatsoever his parents are doing is right. However, with the passage of time, the preferences start changing. He tries to adopt the behavior of others, and hence his personality development takes a new direction.

For a vast majority of individuals leadership and personality development must have a purpose. This could be to obtain a promotion, enhance their current performance, change to another functional area, switch to a new career, or simply broaden their general knowledge base and mindset. So the end state goal is an important one and also one that impacts a leader's level of motivation to engage in particular.

Perhaps the most common form of assessment in the current leadership development marketplace, measures of leadership competencies. If you feel weaknesses in your personality, you can enhance it by means of different tactics. Everyone considers and desires to have strong personality. However, in order to attain it some hard work is required. A man takes direct influence from his friends. It is therefore necessary to assess your friends. Whether they are able to produce any spark in your spirit? Are you gaining something from them? This is the right time to decide who will give company to you in future? An individual should perform self assessment. He should see how he can improve himself further. He should consider his dresses, way of talking with others and manners that he shows to the others. He should try to find his weaknesses, and then intend to cover them as soon as possible.

Personality development is something which could not be achieved within an eye blink. If you really want to increase your personality, you have to make friendship with your conscience, since it is one which directs you always to the right direction. Whenever you come across to decision making, always ask from your conscience, that what you should do and which would be better for you. You believe or not to believe, but it is true that if you follow your conscience you would never fail in your tasks. You would cross all barriers and attain your goals marvelously.

List down at least five of the top qualities that you think people would like you to have. There may be a lot, but a realistic goal and exercise will only require five to twenty qualities on your list. Would you rather be more honest, good-humored, confident, kind, and responsible? Whatever those qualities are, put them in writing to make them more tangible to you.

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