How often you have entered a restaurant and being hustled to your favorite spot and asked by the waiter if you will have the same? Does it not bring a smile to your face when you realize that everyone from the hostess to the server remember your name and also your favorite dish in the restaurant? Does it not make you feel special and thus want to keep coming back? Personalization and customization are the mantra for today and if it brings a customer back to your business, why not?!

Marketing is all about retention of customers and acquiring more customers as you go by. All the marketing efforts are geared towards this one aspect. More the customers - better is the bottom line. In fact, whether it is offline or online, customers enjoy being recognized. Have you ever logged on to an online shopping website and the website "recommends you stuff based on your previous purchases"? Or if you have your profile saved, it fetches all your credit cards, payment and shipping details for you! Is it not a relief that all you need to do is select your item and the rest is taken care of! When Social media is going viral amongst all the business Entrepreneurs, it is mandatory for you to hire Social Media marketing Agency

This is nothing but customization and personalization. This goes a long way in showing why customization of all your marketing efforts and marketing content is so important!

Email Marketing is one of the main aspects of any marketing campaign. Do you get irritated by the bulk emails sent to you? If yes, why do you do it to others? Personalize these emails and then send them out. Personalize with the receipt`s name at least. Insert a special tag line for him/her and attach the content of the email keeping his/her past purchases in mind. Another thing is sales calls. How about personalized sales calls? Many companies send out their sales force to 20 companies a day for relationship building activity. 20 visits a day is like bulk email. Personalize these visits with special gifts and personal stories.

Every step a marketer takes is towards a better relationship with the customer and this can only happen if you personalize the content! Try it and see the difference

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Social media is widely focused these days amongst top business companies. Social bookmarking is one of the part of Social media marketing activities today. Hire best social media marketing services today for boosting your business growth.