First, you noticed a pesky dark spot on your cheek — probably due to the successive epic summers you’ve been spending on the beach since as far as you can remember. Dismissed. Second, you notice a fine line on one corner of your mouth. You think, “Yeah, I’m probably aging.” Now, you see an unbearable sight of wrinkled skin on your forehead. Look! There’s more on your neck! How do you get rid of crepey skin? Is that even possible?

What Is Causing Your Skin To Become Crepey?

Hold up, Woman. Pause for a moment so you can begin to understand what on Earth is going on with your skin. What could be causing your crepey skin? Here’s a run-down of all the possibilities:

1. You’re at that age. Like it or not, you must have already reached that age when your body’s cellular activities are beginning to slow down, that includes your skin’s compromised ability to regenerate and to turnover. It’s called senescence. Sooner than later, everyone will get their time. Perhaps, now is your turn.

2. You’ve been getting too much sun exposure. Well, if you’re not yet quite 30 and so much younger, perhaps the problem is sun damage. The sun does all the horrible things to your skin but, even then, you can’t go on for days without sunshine. Sun time is good but, you need to care about how much sun you’re getting. That’s what sunscreens are for, but then again, sunscreen products will never be enough to give you ample sun protection. You need to consider your sun time, clothing, even your car tint too.

3. You’re using the wrong products. Unfortunately, great advertising can cloud your judgment about the skin care products that you’re using. Products lining personal care and skin care shelves are laden with harsh components, including toxic chemicals, that can hurt your skin now or, in the long run. The bottom line is that you need to become an educated consumer to know what’s best for your skin.

4. You’re not getting enough sleep. Sleep is key to your body’s, not just your skin’s, restoration and rejuvenation. You need to be in bed at least 7 hours every night to allow your body and skin to recover from day-to-day damage. You need to maintain your body’s circadian rhythm to take advantage of your body’s natural healing and repair mechanisms.

5. You’re stressing out. Other than making you lose out on sleep, stress, because it affects several mechanisms in your body including raised heart rates, hormone fluctuations, breathlessness, and compromised immune response, can easily tip your system out of balance and out of sync.

6. You’re very unhealthy. Your body derives most of the nutrients it needs to function well from the food you eat. You have to consider the nutrition content but, most people tend to forget that bioavailability of nutrients is also an important consideration. Exercise is a requirement for optimal circulation and nutrient absorption. The thousands of toxins present in a single stick of cigarette can prematurely age your skin

What Is A Pescatarian Diet? How Can It Help Smoothen Out Your Crepey Skin?

You’re probably familiar with a strict vegetarian diet — one where food is limited to fruits and vegetables. Some variations include the pescatarian diet where fish, other than veggies and fruits, is allowed on the menu. What you probably haven’t known before is that fish and shellfish products can help you get rid of crepey skin[].

How is that even possible? Still surprised? Listed below are some of the skin health-enhancing nutrients that can be derived from fish in your diet based on a study[] published in the Journal of Dermatol Endocrinology:

•Astaxanthin. This is a Vitamin A derivative that fishes acquire from the food chain. It helps facilitate faster skin renewal and promotes the resurfacing of newer, younger skin layer.
•Retinol. Another Vitamin A derivative that is popularly infused in anti-aging creams but, which can be derived from a diet that includes fishes.
•Vitamin D. It helps protect your skin form photo-damage caused by UVB.
•Essential fatty acids. In particular, linolenic and linoleic acids, but also Omega-3 and Omega-6, these deeply soothe and calm your skin as these promote faster skin repairs and rejuvenation. These also have inherent anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent skin damage even before the injury begins. A study[] linked higher levels of linoleic acid with a decreased likelihood of developing wrinkles, mainly characterized by “senile dryness” and “skin atrophy.”


Are you automatically much less prone to crepey skin with more fish in your diet? Of course not, you should strike a balance with the other factors described in the first part of the article. Besides, when it comes to fish in your diet, there are other issues you need to be aware of, including where these were fished and the toxicity levels.


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