Yes, if I "lost" a pet, I would pray if someone found him/her they would do everything in their power to help find the owner, I would do it for them. People have kept a pet and the heartache on the other side has to be horrendous. I wouldn't even think of keeping it. In fact it's illegal to do so. You are supposed to call dog warden, so they are aware, and share the heck outa them on Facebook.  A pet can adapt to a new home, but the pet’s owner that lost it is devastated for life and never knows what happened to it.  Keep those collars on, get them chipped and registered, put your phone # on the tag. Taking collars off because "they are an inside dog", I'll never understand. THINGS HAPPEN!!!!

Be cautious and ask for proof of ownership if you find a pet. It is very important that your pets have an identification tag with your name, telephone number and address. It is a terrible feeling when your pets go missing and having an identification tag will greatly increase the chances of your pet being returned safely to you. Sadly not everyone is real and is out to get a pet. Tags, license, and microchips can help. Also have pics of your pets vet records should be saved. Sadly no matter how careful you are with your pet's things can happen.

If your pet (dog or cat) is wearing a collar or ID tag it may not be enough to ensure your pet safe return because there are lot of chances that ID tags become damaged or unreadable and collars can break off. For this instance there is a concept of microchiping, it ensures the safe return of your if get lost. Microchip is about a size of a grain of a rice and it is a tiny computer chip which contains a universal code that matches up to your pet detail. Microchip is inserted under a pets skin with the help of a needle, the process of microchipping simple and safe and consumes very small amount of time. With the help of electronic handheld device known as scanner, after waving over the pet neck the scanner will recognize the unique code held inside the chip. We can get our pet micro chipped by the veterinary clinic, and also from the pet groomers.

There are several Pet tags ID’s available on Pet shops and also available online which have a QR code that anyone having a smart phone can scan, and the dog’s or cat profile will pop up with info about them. you can edit the info at any time. Contact info, breed, vet’s contact info, etc.  You also get an email right away when the tag has been scanned with GPS location sent to you. Highly recommend for all the paw parents out there.

We can see different online vendors who are selling Pet id’s. Web stores and Facebook pages are the easiest way to buy and online shopping stores ensure the quality of product and timely delivery of the order.

We can find Pet ID tags or collars from retail stores or online like Amazon or Ebay. But the best price and quality you can visit

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