As technology rapidly advances, we’re presented with more and more innovative products to improve our lives in one way or another.

With such high consumer demand for futuristic devices, no stone is left unturned in any niche. In the last few years, pet technology has emerged and is expected to grow through the quarter. Now in 2021, you can find sophisticated robotics from smart feeders all to app-controlled toys to self-cleaning litter boxes.

Here, we will explore how automatic litter boxes are changing the game of cat maintenance. We’ll look at how these smart machines work and the impressive features of one of the newest self-cleaning litter boxes available, the AutoEgg.

How Exactly Does The Tech Work?

So what do these intelligent machines do, and how do they do it? The primary purpose of a self-cleaning litter box is, you guessed it, to remove waste and clean the litter box all on its own. This eliminates the need for us to scoop, empty the litter daily, or clean the box by hand.

The way these units keep things fresh and hygienic varies depending on the particular system used. In general, most automatic litter boxes separate the waste particles from the unused litter and then deposit the waste in a dedicated compartment, trapping odors in the process.

How Does The AutoEgg Change Things Up?

LA-based pet tech company ChillX used state of the art technology to create a self-cleaning litter box that serves both feline and human. It saves you time and effort while looking after the health and wellbeing of your fur baby. Here are some of the innovative functions you’ll find unique to the AutoEgg.

Revolutionary Raking System

Unlike the traditional rotating systems used in other self-cleaning litter boxes, the AutoEgg utilizes a horizontal raking operation with an optimized motor. The 70-degree cleaning rake moves through the litter in slow-motion, sifting out the soiled litter without creating any dust or unnecessary noise. With this system, the cleaning process is slower, gentler, and safer than that of the competitor.

Plus, despite the gentle motion, the 70-degree angle of the rake and the zigzag litter tray gives a deeper clean than what you can expect with an alternative system. Within five minutes you and your kitty can expect a fresh bed of litter awaiting the next bathroom trip.

Supreme Odor Prevention

Once separated from the clean litter, the waste gets transported into the tightly sealed waste drawer below. ChillX designed the box for complete odor elimination, with a hooded, fully-enclosed style, ensuring dust and odors cannot seep through any gaps and are swiftly dealt with upon detection of a bathroom trip.

Moreover, cleaning commences just 5 minutes after each use and takes an additional 5 minutes to complete. This removes cat waste odors much faster than that of an alternative system which can take up to 30 minutes to clean in some cases.

Highly Accurate Weight Sensors

A litter box can’t self-clean without precise sensors to detect when a cat uses the box. The AutoEgg effectively detects the presence of a feline with its impressive 0.03 oz weight sensor accuracy. This makes the unit ideal for cats as light as 4.4 lbs and as heavy as 15.4 lbs as it detects the smallest of movements.

However, even if you’re looking after a young kitten who weighs less than 4.4 lbs, they can still use the litter box. Aside from the automated cleaning after each use, the AutoEgg performs additional cycles four times a day to ensure a fresh litter bed. These cleaning cycles will commence automatically at 3 & 9 am/pm.

Cat-Stuck Prevention Technology

When automatic litter boxes first graced the market, there were safety concerns and even some reports of kitties getting their paw or tail stuck within the mechanism.

These accidents happened when cleaning began and the cat, intrigued by the sound or the motion, re-entered the litter box. Alternative systems have failed in the past to detect the presence of re-entry and continued the cycle despite an unexpected visitor.

Nowadays, self-cleaning litter boxes are much safer with a plethora of auto-halt features. The makers of the AutoEgg designed the unit with safety as the number one priority.

They incorporated a ‘cat-stuck prevention sensor’ to detect any sudden movement and pause cleaning until it’s safe to recommence after a period of 5 to 10 minutes. This sophisticated function eliminates any chance of your kitty getting caught up within the cycle.

In addition to this feature, the functionality of the unit was designed to move gradually and prevent any risk of injury upon meeting a curious cat.

Virtually Silent

Another advancement with self-cleaning litter boxes is quieter operation. If your feline’s litter box rattles and loudly shifts as it cleans, not only is it likely to scare your kitty, but they might not want to use it again.

The AutoEgg uses an advanced motor to clean silently in the background. You can have the unit in your bedroom without worrying about getting woken up by the cleaning process at any point. Plus, it’s so quiet your fur baby won’t be disturbed or scared to approach their unit and will help to build trust around their new litter box space.

Health Tracking

Many cat owners worry that they’ll be unable to keep an eye on their kitty’s bathroom habits if they don’t scoop. ChillX understands this concern, so they built the AutoEgg with a health tracker and alert system.

The intelligent system records various data every time your kitty uses the litter box, including the amount of waste they eliminate and the frequency and duration of their visits.

Logging this information allows the system to keep an eye on your cat’s digestive health. It can detect changes in consistency and litter box habits and knows if your fur baby may be suffering from a digestive issue you may want to check out.

A Futuristic Design To Promote Acclimation

Along with the advanced technology used, the AutoEgg features a curved box-like design. This awakens the intense natural curiosity of most felines. As it appears like another box or cove to explore, your kitty will acclimate fast to their new, high-tech pet product.


Luckily style is not lost among the throw of the functionality. The design is modern and minimalistic to complement any decor style. It’s also compact, and lightweight so it will easily blend into your home without looking bulky or out of place.

ChillX puts an emphasis on being the most accessible minimalist litter box available, compacting quite a bit of technology into something that seemingly looks simple in its function and purpose.

Upgrading your manual litter box to a sleek and modern automatic version like the AutoEgg will undoubtedly elevate the quality of your pet care.

ChillX has managed to design a pet product that will equally benefit you and your fur baby. Check out the ChillX website to learn more about this exciting pet tech product.

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