I don't know how to say this any clearer: But most people are lazy. (Not you, of course, I am talking about other people who are reading this article.)

And being lazy is part of human nature. A body at rest; stays at rest… a body in motion yada, yada, yada…

Anyway, the reason I am asking is that I want to know what you are doing today towards reinventing yourself?

I know, you have family commitments… work commitments… people tugging at you… and all you have want to do sometimes is to be left alone so you can work on what's vital to reaching your goals.

Sometimes you don't think you have enough time, but you know what? It's not really true. It's the best use of your time that counts. On the other hand, time is the one resource that is (along with oil) depleted each and every day.

And yet, it's also the one resource you have just as much as the next guy!

And no one's time is worth more than yours. So what are you doing to make better use of yours?

First off, you have to become clear about what you really want. Have you gotten clear about your reinvention? Are you thinking of leaving your present career and venturing out into a new one? Or are you thinking of reinventing yourself at your present job and getting more fulfillment out of it?

Thankfully, you can do that, too. (My new book, Reboot Your Career: 27 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in the Workplace - If You Still Have a Job!-- will explain everything to you.)

Now, once you've become clear in what you really want, what actions are you doing to make it happen?

Nothing will happen unless you take ACTION. Of course, you have to prioritize those actions. What has to be done immediately… tomorrow… the day after?

For instance, I have to finish work for a client and then work on promotional materials for my new book. It is gorgeous out today in Florida (What a surprise, huh?) I'd love to go the pool or beach, but nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno.

I will NOT. Why? (I'm a real martyr, aren't I?)

Because I was inspired to write you and connect with what is happening with you. Not to mention I felt my MUSE rising and the inspiration to write you this very moment. Then it's taking care of the other tasks that are on my proverbial plate.

The Secret is to Prioritize

You see, prioritizing allows you to give you the biggest ROI of your time and resource.

In marketing, for instance, if I do X and it does not bring me Y and Z (leads or income) then it did not work the way I wanted. Then I go back and tweak things.

The same with your own reinvention. If something doesn't work the way you want it, don't get discourage and give up. Think about what tasks didn't work and see how you can improve upon it to get the results you want.

Whether you are reinventing yourself into a new career or at your present job, the one important thing to keep in mind is that you are a marketer of your own goods, services, and time…

When I talk to subscribers, clients, customers, I discuss what they are doing to reach their goals. Some are taking meaningful changes and doing it… others, unfortunately, usually come up with different excuses as to why they are not moving forward.

Make no mistake: exceptional marketers do NOT come up with excuses. They take care of business, their own!
Simply put, you have to become a better marketer of your time and resources.

Know your self-worth, and know that you will have to make sacrifices (with friends and family) to make things happen during your busy day. Prioritize tasks every day!

Reinvention, like any metamorphosis, takes time. There are steps you have to take. Thankfully, if you take small steps each day you will not get overwhelmed. Instead, you see real measurable results.

Make no mistake: during this time (and remember it's your time) you will have to retool, repackage, and rejuvenate your passion and perhaps learn a new skill. A skill that must be mastered if you want to give yourself a meaningful career and fulfilled life!

One last note; I want to know what is going on with you and help answer any questions you have. Please leave all comments and questions here on the blog

http://www.peterfogel.com/reinventyourselfnow. I want to answer them for you.

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