With the emergence of globalization many changes have taken place world-wide and since then, International Business has become very important and integral part of businesses across the globe. Today, companies around the world are better connected, thereby making it crucial for the business graduates to understand international business operations. That’s where PGDM IB comes in useful.

There are many colleges offering Post Graduate Diploma in Management - International business, such as IIFT, Asia Pacific Institute of Management Studies etc. The two years PGDM IB program gives students a better understanding of the different business management practices found across the world, and prepare them for working abroad or in companies that are engaged in business on a global scale.

In a constantly changing global business and economic environment, studying business from an international perspective becomes important, especially for the ones who are ambitious to work across international boundaries and cultures. Institutes offering PGDM IB program help aspirants to develop a global perspective in order to be successful in business. While studying international business, aspirants learn all about globalization and how it has brought about an increasing 'contentedness' of markets, businesses, people and information across countries.

Today, most organizations are working across countries, thereby increasing demands for business and management graduates with an international perspective. There is an ever-increasing need for people who are capable of operating effectively in a globalized world. Hence, PG diploma in international business from a reputable B-school is a right course for a bright future. This program can help aspirants to grow exponentially in an organization engaged on a global scale.

Course Curriculum PGDM IB
PG diploma in international business is becoming increasingly popular course and is available at a vast number of top B-schools in India. The International Business primarily focuses on the understanding of the behavior and planning of international operations.

In the course curriculum of the PGDM - International Business, the aspirants are taught about the international operations, which includes, procedure and documentation involved in export and import, currency conversation & fluctuation, methods of approaching customers in foreign countries, raising capital from international market, logistics and supply chain management etc.

In the first year, aspirants learn the basics of general management. In the second year the aspirants are allowed to choose their specialization. In the two-year program aspirants learn about: Export and Import Management, Foreign Exchange Management, International Finance, International Logistics, International Marketing etc.

How an aspirant excels professionally after doing PGDM IB course?

Doing PG diploma in international business opens up a variety of career options for aspirants, in fact, they can even use their knowledge to expand or internationalize their own business or family business.

PGDM IB can facilitate the entry in areas such as marketing, banking and finance, HR, hospitality, etc. PGDM -IB aspirants can look for career opportunities in entrepreneurial ventures, global shipping companies, global tourism sector, import and export departments of companies, international consultancy, international finance, international placement offices, and non-profit organizations.

Salary Package after PGDM IB

The average salary for a PGDM IB aspirants can range from 7 Lakh to 15 Lakh in India.

Besides, aspirants get the opportunity to travel to new countries while working in an organization that has global branches. Aspirants get good exposure, opportunity to network with new people, attend International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions so on and so forth. These are the ADD-ONS of doing PGDM in international business from a reputable B-school.

Possible job titles include:
1- Business Adviser
2- Business Analyst
3- Consultant
4- Corporate Investment Banker
5- Export managers and executives
6- International business consultant
7- International Human Resources Officer
8- International Marketing Manager
9- International Management Consultant
10- International Trader
11- Product Manager
12- Supplier Manager

Degree in international business can also help an aspirant establish his career in exciting, global locations such as Australia, Canada, France, India, Japan, Singapore, and the USA.

Some of the popular colleges offering PGDM IB in Delhi are:

1- Asia Pacific Institute of Management Studies
2- Apeejay School of Management
3- Balaji Institute of International Business
5- IIT- D 
6- Institute of Management Technology
7- The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

The course fee varies from institute to institute based on the location, nature of the institute (government, state/private/deemed etc.). However, the fee can range from INR 80,000 to 10 Lakh across various colleges and universities across the country.

To conclude…
If you wish to really live your life the way you have always dreamt to live, PGDM IB is the right course for you after graduation. It comes with several remuneration and ample growth.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Surabhi Goyal is Director (Officiating) at Asia-Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi. Asia-Pacific Institute of Management (AIM) is one of the top 10 private B- schools in India. Established in 1996, the institute has successfully carved a niche as one of the best PGDM institutes in Delhi. It offers the most sought after PGDM courses to the aspirants and lays a strong foundation to build a sustainable career in management.