With the effect of EU Falsified medicine directive many pharma companies has changes in their plans for compliance. FMD has regulated guidelines to check the circulation of false and toxic drugs and restricted the sale of non-prescribed drugs. All the medicine boxes have unique identification (UI) 2D barcode and ATD (ANTI-TEMPERING DEVICE) to ensure and label its quality and authenticity in the market. Pharmaceuticals and its supply chain partners are advised to go through and understand the compliance standards to ensure smooth implementation of the rule. The European medicine verification system (EMVS) is a database that contains all the information regarding the authentic drugs to be circulated with the active ingredient potent quantity. It acts as a gateway for transferring data to the drug manufacturers. National medicine verification system (NMVS) is a platform for verification of authenticity used by practitioners, wholesalers and retails, which uses data from EMVS for drug quality check. The UI code is essentially to be verified against the NMVS to check it for drug use and toxicity if any before supplying.
The use of all three is interlinked and is benefitted for patient safety and reduces risk of any side effects. This system allows pharmacy team to administer right drug at right time and in correct dosage.
It is also beneficial for inventory and stock update process.
The 2D barcode with batch number and expiry keep a record of stock and when to order the new one. Managing the pharmacy supply is challenging but at the same time it is also important as keeping control of inventory greatly affect the cost and profit ratio.
Pharmacy Inventory Management Systems use database from NMVS to improve operational efficiency of their drug, which is to be manufactured and supplied in chain. These systems are capable of track inventory stores, generate orders, and manage multiple inventories since, different pharmacies have different requirements.
It is important for pharma inventory system to include data to work under guidelines given for drugs for better and accurate use of drugs as per need. It is the need of the hour to incorporate automatic inventory system to maintain supply and demand data as per the FMD NMVS CONNECT.

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With the effect of EU Falsified medicine directive many pharma companies has changes in their plans for compliance.