Clinical trials are very important in medical research. They help scientists determine whether new treatments and medicines are safe and effective for people suffering from rare diseases.

The clinical trials take a lot of time to complete. There are numerous phases in the clinical trials. But how many stages are there in clinical trials is all we are going to learn. In this post, we are going to discuss the various phases of clinical trials

#1 - First Phase 

The first stage of a clinical trial is all about making sure that a new treatment is safe. In this stage, a small group of people who have a certain health condition are given a small dosage of the new medicine. The main goal is to see how much of the medicine is safe to give and if there are any side effects. Doctors observe the participants for any side effects. If there are none, they increase the dosage and identify the safe dose of the medicine. 

#2 - Second Phase 

After the completion of the first stage, the second phase begins. This phase includes more than a few participants than the first phase. The researchers try to include a variety of participants for better results. As the accurate dosage of the medicine is already identified in the first phase, they provide the same dosage to the participants. 

Just like the first phase, the doctors and researchers observe the participants for any side effects. If there are any side effects, they stop the trials and take care of the participants. If everything goes well, they move to the third phase. 

#3 - Third Phase 

The third stage is the final active phase in the clinical trials. With the clinical trials in the final stage, the researchers try out the medicines or the treatment regimen on the large number of participants. This phase can include traditional medicine, trial medicine, and even placebo medicines. The researchers collect all the data in this phase to share with the governing authorities. Once the data is submitted, the authorities approve the same after analysis and approve the clinical trial. 

Final Words 

The multi-phased design of clinical trials makes it easier for researchers to conduct them without issues. Each phase focuses on certain tasks, which helps researchers identify the efficacy and security of medicines. With these multiple phases, the clinical trials are concluded, and humanity gets effective and safe medicine to treat diseases. 

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