Obese Americans are well aware about the benefits of Phentermine United States, a powerful diet pill that can make an obese person feel lighter within a few days. All pharmacies have this drug in plenty but they are not allowed to provide this diet pill without a doctor’s prescription. It is a prescription drug hence should be taken only after obtaining a prescription certificate from a registered medical practitioner. In this article, we would discuss the reasons why this medicine should be taken under the supervision of a doctor and why one needs a prescription every time one buys the drug.

Phentermine United States contains a chemical compound that stimulates the nervous system, boosts energy and reduces appetite. This medicine is not fit for people suffering from hypertension and heart ailments. Diabetics should also avoid taking this drug but they can take it if their doctors advise them. This diet pill is prescribed to people suffering from acute obesity and not to those who have little fat on their body. Doctors prescribe this pill only when they find that other weight control programs have failed to help the person. It is last step in controlling obesity and doctors are quite confident that this drug would help.

Phentermine United States has certain side effects that need to be controlled. Doctors advise certain precautions to the person whom they prescribe this diet pill. The person can take the precautions and avoid the harmful side effect of the medicine. For instance, this drug should not be taken later than 6 PM. It shouldn’t be coupled with alcohol and the person should avoid doing certain tasks like driving and working with heavy machinery during the course of this medicine. Considering the side effects, this medicine has, the US federal government has ruled that no pharmacist would sell this drug without a doctor’s prescription.

Phentermine United States is prescribed for a short time but obese want to continue this medicine because it helps them feel lighter, happier and healthier. It is an appetite suppressant. This diet pill makes the person feel contended even when he is taking less than his normal diet. Also the person has no cravings for the food or quick snacks. Only a doctor can tell the period for which this medicine should be taken. If one wants to take it for longer period then he has to get a prescription from one’s doctor.

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