Gibraltar, a British overseas territory is a home to many Gibraltarians and mixed national population whose social welfare and benefit is looked after through philanthropic support. Its economy mainly thrives on shipping, financial services and tourism.

Community Care becomes vital when people within the society are facing issues related to their health and social welfare. At personal level, most people are unable to address their issues either due to lack of funds or proper support system. At this point community care and philanthropic support play their role and seek to resolve these issues without individuals experiencing the financial burden

Community care can include various facets such as medical ambulance services, cancer relief services, disability society, women in need, dyslexia support, breast cancer support and many other social services. In Gibraltar, there are various organizations which serve these areas such as Gibraltar Society for Cancer Relief, Gibraltar Society for the Visually Impaired, Research into Childhood Cancer, Down’s Syndrome Support Group and many others.

For funding community care, finances and direction on how to use funds are equally important. Gibraltar has been blessed enough to receive Philanthropic Support and measure through well placed individuals, trusts and organizations. These organizations have been instrumental in providing volunteers as well as funds for giving definite shape to these activities. By doing so, the funds are well utilized while people who require help and guidance get them as well.

Through philanthropic support and care, funds raisers are organized enabling people to support and strengthen the social cause and initiative. Apart from adults, children are encouraged to put in efforts as well. These children could be in the age group of 10 -12 years and mature enough to do quality social work if guided in the right manner. Furthermore, these efforts are duly appreciated through public recognition and gifts are presented to them.

Philanthropy support and community care go side by side for benefit of the society. No amount of efforts and funds prove to be adequate and hence it has to be a continuously evolving process. Most philanthropic activities deal in donation of huge sums of money which indeed is a good gesture but its use has to be done in the ideal way so that maximum people get benefited from it.

By involving children in these activities, they are taught at an early age about social activities, right from participation, organization and even management of funds. Bearing in mind, the huge amount of money available for use, its productive use has to be ensured at all levels.

In Gibraltar, community care social work has been actively taken up across all levels, right from children to youth and across the adults in the society. With dedicated efforts and compassion, Gibraltar has definitely improved its social welfare and become a much better place to live in.

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We Care is a public awareness project in Gibraltar. This project’s healthcare initiative aims to provide improved Breast Cancer support & Diabetes support in Gibraltar. Visit for more information.