The Philippines and the United States have a long history stretching over a hundred years. Beginning in 1898, after the United States defeated Spain during the Spanish-American War, the US has been directly involved in Filipino culture and history.

This connection extended into the 1940s when General Douglas MacArthur promised that, “I shall return.” In the present day, Filipino culture and American culture have a mix of each other. Several US cities have large Filipino populations, but more importantly to the businesses, Filipinos have adopted many American customs.

Call Center Outsourcing to the Philippines has become popular in recent years especially for businesses based in the US. One of the biggest reasons for this change is the fact that many Americans, especially native born citizens, have a hard time understanding English spoken with a non-native accent. Places like India, which had been popular for after-hours tech support, are now being turned down because of complaints from Americans.

This is where Call Center Services in the Philippines have stepped in to use their history to help others. One of the key differences between India and the Philippines, for an example, is the subtle cultural differences. India, with its British background, has developed its English in a different way than the Philippines have. Because of its connections to the US, the Philippines have adopted American cultural English. For example, South Korean parents, anxious to help their children improve their English, will send their children to the Philippines if they cannot afford the US or another country.

Travelers to the Philippines find the country easy to navigate because so many speak English. To help a businesses connect with their American clients and customers, having a call center in the Philippines, a strong connection to American culture and similar English accent, is a wise decision.

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