Philosophical coaching is connected with modern science in asking fundamental questions about the nature of what we know or seem to know. Philosophical coaching is the butter and bread of freedom of thought prompted renewal of debate about moral and ethical enquiries. The objective is to help us evolve to heightened state of consciousness, to free us from the common life and tyranny of routine in an attempt to live a richer and blessed life.

The views and opinions on the validity of philosophical coaching goes as far the ancient Greek as to whether a leader should be a qualified philosopher or an economist to run his or her kingdom, and life.

People who have doubt about the power of philosophical coaching must be aware what philosophy has created in the east and western civilization. In the seventeenth century it gave birth to natural science, in the eighteenth century to psychology, and in the nineteenth century to sociology and linguistics. During the twentieth century philosophy has played a prominent part in the development of computer science, cognitive science, and research into artificial intelligence.

When working with clients, truly highly influential clients, I provoke them into thinking of the unthinkable, namely thinking outside the box while asking the right questions in the context of the client’s life, and then using right methods for answering them in an attempt to free themselves from the prison of the common life and illusions.

Therefore, philosophical coaching is a pursuit of the higher life in terms of mental stability, emotional literacy and high cognitive functioning in a way that helps individuals to solve problems in timely fashion and achieve their desired objectives.

The Greeks initiated major topics, and identified basic questions. Among these philosophers, is Plato and Aristotle, these two prominent and distinguished philosophers and their forerunners, known as the pre-Socratics , the god fathers of the Greek philosophy have truly enlightened generations upon generations.

The modern period philosophers have also contributed immensely to the topics discussed in the previous centuries, amongst these modern philosophers is Rene Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Emanuel Kant, John Locke, Berkeley and Davie Hume.

I have grouped them in this manner because the first three are known as ‘rationalists’ and the last three are known as ‘empiricists’ however, Emanuel Kant occupies a slightly different level between the two.

The most important approach to philosophy is its critical reflection on the value by which we live is irrefutable. Our values are the reflection shadow of our judgments about others and of our decisions we make daily that shapes our action and life.

However, We can’t have action or life without having desires and beliefs, these two propositional attitudes are critical to our overall success because they determine whether we are going to be losers or winners, healthy or diseased, happy or depressed, however, before we identify the destination of these two propositional attitudes, that is desires and beliefs, we must pay attention to the language we use, because both our inner talk or louder talk also determines our character, and our character as it becomes habit, drives us to the destination driven by both our conscious and unconscious desires and beliefs.

I am not discussing this to impress you in any way other than to impress upon you to justify how important is your philosophy to achieving greatness and live a blessed lif. To become a leader or a pioneer in any area of your desired expertise is to offer yourself to become a servant, and true leadership is precisely this.

I don’t believe that we can gain our psychological hypnosis power by either embedding in our speech as most advertising companies do to gain power over others. I have always been one for the level to look for equality, equality or rights, equality of respect.

When seeking a coach, or a mentor, make sure you hire someone with philosophical temperament, because he or she will provoke you into thinking the unthinkable in an attempt to help you reach greatness and live a blessed life.

Until you see me again on another video, may you always be the seeker of knowledge and the lover of wisdom

May you remain blessed and a blessing to mankind.

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Andre Zizi is a qualified teacher. He has trained in the educational psychology and philosophy. He holds philosophy degree, PGCE, and diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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