There are many ways to feel affection for God. The best is the one that shows your emotions. The best means of loving God is always for your mood and always giving relaxation and happiness in mind control. Forced deep love of God for your metaphysics is not mature is simply perception or imitation. Love of God under any fear or any other influence is neither useful nor refreshing.

 Some, like searching for God through rituals hard on his behalf and there are many ways of torturing its physical properties and to live life through rituals hard. Some people like to search for God by giving gifts to his name and there are several ways to give gifts. This is the first step in the relationship with God, where selfishness and its conditions continue to prevail. The paths of love of God are at their lowest level.
Some like looking for God in reading the classical literature of their faith and continue to repeatedly read the story of the glory of their Lord. Some love rituals to God in search of special days and auspicious according to the beliefs and attitudes different today to express respect for him. Some, like looking for God in the way of the image of the house and there are many holy places of God called by the Hindu temple, a church by Christen a mosque by Muslim, etc. They express their love to God pilgrimage, or donating to the holy places, so built in the name of God. This is the second deep relationship with God where selfishness and its conditions become reduced to seek help from God, belief.
Some, like looking for God in the way of reciting or singing songs about the character of God through faith and there are many beliefs. Some like looking for God in the glory of the name or meaning of the emblem of God as God Ram, God, Jesus Christ and Allah. This is the third step of the depth of relationship with God where selfishness and thinking mind losses major conditions and desire for deeper relationship based on emotions. But the concept of God and his condition continued to be limited to belief.

 Some blessed as to find God in the way of meditation on the unity of God, which is one for all and there are many techniques meditation on the formless God or nature. This is a high degree of relationship with God where selfishness and his mind the thought becomes an unconditional surrender and attempted relationship is based on pure consciousness.

Your conscious mind is the best judge to find the best ways to love God. He is impulsive and always will be corrected on the right track with improving your mood. Any imitation of the feel affection for God or love God with conditions remains a futile exercise. All your actions have played in serving others with unconditional love, has reached the best way to love God himself.

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