Did you know Arizona is the #1 state in the entire country for windshield replacement? Making Phoenix, Arizona the states capital the #1 city for auto glass. This may come as a shock to most people, but it makes perfect good sense. Phoenix is built in the desert, and with desert comes gravel. Lots of gravel seems to find its way onto the roads causing these small rocks to shoot up and chip windshields. Most of these rocks won’t crack a windshield, but over time those chips will spread and become large cracks that need repair. It’s no surprise that the Auto Glass industry in Phoenix is booming.
With Phoenix, Arizona being the number one city for cracked windshields its no surprise that this means there’s an abundance of businesses that do Windshield Replacement in Phoenix. Companies like Aero Auto Glass have been thriving off broken windshields for decades. With over 15 million windshields replaced in Phoenix alone it’s no wonder these businesses are booming. In fact, Auto Glass businesses are growing at an all time high in Arizona. More and more businesses are starting up and there’s enough business for them. With a population of over 5 million in Phoenix, that means everyone is replacing their windshields at least twice a year! This could cost drivers a lot of money, however Arizona is one of the six states that require insurance companies to cover auto glass damage.
That’s right, insurance companies are required to cover auto glass damage in Arizona which means big business for Auto Glass Companies in Phoenix. It’s a huge safety hazard to drive with a crack in the driver’s line of sight and, also illegal. This means that every time you get a crack in your windshield you legally need to get your windshield replaced. That means insurance companies in Arizona are shelling out millions of dollars a year to these auto glass companies. It’s estimated that over 3,000 windshields are replaced each, and every day in Arizona. Which means insurance companies are paying a lot of money to keep their drivers safe.
However, did you know cracked windshields are avoidable? Most cracked windshields come from small chips in your glass. These small chips come from gravel hitting your windshield. However, small chips in your windshield can be repaired before they spread into these large cracks. They can easily be filled and repaired to be like new before they spread into large cracks. This could save those without glass coverage a ton of money. With windshields costing roughly $500 with installation, we strongly advise you to get your windshield chips filled before they spread and do real damage.
It’s no surprise that there’s so many windshield replacements in Phoenix, Arizona. However, it seems like most of these replacement jobs can be avoidable by just fixing the chips in your auto glass. Insurance will also cover these chip repairs, so before you put off a small chip remember it could cost you a lot of money in the end.

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Phoenix, Arizona Ranks as the #1 City for Windshield Replacement in the World!