Sky harbor International is one of the biggest and busiest airports in The United States which takes up a large number of international and domestic flights. Besides it is also a very important commercial airport and handles huge cargoes. The security of the airport is superb and it is the first airport where the X-rays were used to detect any metals or drugs. In this way it is one of the safest place to travel and thus hundreds of domestic and international flights take off and land here every day Sky harbor was a military airbase in early twentieth century when it was taken up the government and since then it is being used as a combined civil and military airport. It also has a number of the runways for the personal aircrafts and the helicopters. Because the air direction in the Phoenix is East- West the airport has a many runways that are parallel to each other and run in the East West direction. The runways also have a safety zone so that they can travel a bit more in case of need without accident.The Airport has four terminals each of which is used for different airlines.

Terminal one is the oldest terminal which was present even at the time when the airport was built. Now the terminal has been replaced by a cell phone waiting area but the name has been resumed because of its popularity among public.Terminal two was built ten years after the terminal one. It has nine gates and two parking slots. A large number of vehicles stand here. Besides this a hospitality room sponsored by Phoenix Military and Veterans Commission is also present here and is serving the passengers and their relatives.As the air traffic continued, seventeen years later a new terminal was constructed. It was larger than the two older terminals and hosted much more air traffic. The terminal has seventeen gates. A large building present in the middle divides them into northern and southern concourses. It also has a lounge known as Delta Crown room Club.

The lounge is not in public use since 2008.Terminal four is also called as the Goldwater terminal after the name of the former Arizona Senator. It is the largest of all the terminals having more than ninety gates. These gates are present in the form of seven concourses. Each of the concourses serves different airlines. All the International flights are received on terminal four. The management plans to develop more terminals as the air traffic here is continuously growing. Also the construction of the new runways and renovation of the old ones is under progress to improve the service as much as possible.The airport has a huge air traffic control tower that makes sure that the flights take off and land safely. An expert team of professionals is always on a watch to check any dangers. The history shows that the airport has seen no major accidents in the past and if any problem has occurred it has been efficiently controlled.

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