Phone Psychic: Accurate Answers, Your Part in A Good Reading, as the Caller

Caveats about Integrity:
This article begins with your call. It assumes you have done your homework choosing whom to call. Briefly re that: Integrity on both sides is a good thing. There is a world of dishonest psychics, and a pool of dishonest 'clients.' May they eat each other. Something for nothing is usually worth the money—enough said about that. Avoid ads with silly promises, avoid self-inflating ads like 'God gifted,' 'amazing,' and so on. Avoid psychics who take only Western Union; credit card merchant processors have standards! Avoid tacky web sites, the gaudy 'psychic to the stars' presentation. Avoid religious claims like 'brother Tom' or 'sister Mary.' If you can, get a recommendation from a friend. Avoid anything about spells unless YOU are informed on that subject and want to do that. And if you are asked your mother's maiden name and your Social Security number, report the incident to the advertiser and to the police, not that it will do much good. Also, the large psychic 'hot lines' with all the advertising pay the psychics 25 cents or so a minute, charge you MUCH more a minute, and then sometimes bill you for calls you didn't make, probably hoping you are too embarrassed to admit to your credit card company that you call psychic lines. Some of the psychics on those lines are good. You can't interview them first, though, before you decide; and, at 25 cents a minute, they may not be there that long. You will lose your contact with them.

Be undistracted:
People call while they are driving, eating, shopping, imbibing, dealing with screaming toddlers. You the Client are half the process. Your half of the reading is a real factor in your result! Call when you are calm and objective, or as close to that state as you can be. You can or may still get a good reading when you are upset, distracted or under the influence, but (1) maybe not and (2) you might not remember it, and you paid for it.

Introduce yourself: What does she do? What do you want?
Just as some construction workers are electricians and some pour concrete for the foundation, psychics too focus more on one aspect of the trade than another. Ask the psychic "What do you do? What are you good at?" If she says she is equally good at everything, she may be an idiot. (Ask her for all the winning lottery numbers in every state, and the date and place to buy the ticket.) If she is a medium and you want to know when and for how much your house will sell, she may not be your best choice now. She may not want to say that, either. Ask. Introduce yourself to her, and let her introduce herself to you.

During this introduction: gut check! Do we have a rapport going? You are half the reading; a good flow of communication is beneficial. You don't have to be best girlfriends. Do you two understand each other's manner of speech? Once on my ranch I answered the phone when the geese were screeching outside. A (probably rural) lady hollered "I don't want no barnyard psychic!" and hung up. She did the right thing: She 'got bad vibes,' so it wasn't going to work. The fact I am from Palm Beach is beside the point.

Now talk money:
What are your questions, and what is your budget—if that matters to you. It does matter to most of us. Can she do that for that much? No?--then what CAN she do for that much, for you today? Could you do part of it next payday? (I have told first-time callers, after they told me the things they wanted to know about, "Yes, I can tell you how he thinks and feels about you, what his motives, intentions and attitudes are toward you (or toward another) for $15 to $18.75; but that will leave you wanting to know the rest, to know more. I think you would be happier overall if you saved up $45 or $37.50 and called me then."

Know what your questions are:
Some psychics don't need a question. They are 'generalists.' Some of those are wonderful! They give out random information and predictions, whatever they get from their spirit guides. They see things, hear things, feel things. These workers will come out with 'they say' every once in a while, meaning whatever they are getting guidance from. When I was in third grade, a gypsy mother of a classmate accurately told me my life events past age 50, with no information from me! These psychics are less likely, perhaps, to give detailed answers to one subject. You can be lazy with them: Just listen to what they receive. That can be fun. That can even seem like a game. Most psychics are this category.

Some psychics do need a question. They are less likely to bring up a new subject to predict or give information on, less likely to volunteer unrelated pieces of information. But they are the ones who can minutely go into a given topic, who can give detail. They, for example, could delve into a criminal investigation or a mystery health problem or the psychology of a delinquent addict for an hour of minutia if that is what you want. They are better at combining practical and psychic information. You could take the discoveries of a generalist and have this category of psychic enlarge upon them, and have the best of both worlds.

Have a list of issues or questions either in mind or on paper. If you don't really know exactly, and want to have a reading, you may be just wanting to vent or talk, which is fine. Just start telling the psychic the situation, and either a question will fall out or the psychic will give you information, or she will ask if such-and-such is your question. This will get things started. Having a list of questions or subjects will usually save you about one-third of the minutes! Just chatting may be more satisfying but more money too. If you do the 'chat' route, be careful not to 'drown' the psychic in information. Too much information puts her mind in 'factual' gear, when it needs to be in 'psychic muse' gear. (When clients overload me with information they have the urge to talk about, I tune out so as to stay in 'psychic muse' mode. I tell them 'I don't need all this stuff.'

Tape recording saves you money:
Another way to save money AND have better use of the information is to tape record your session. That upsets some psychics; I don't know why. If you are calling mainly for psychological reasons, or psychological relief, playing back the reading will save you from calling to vent again because you can relive the whole process for free. If you are calling for factual reasons, the tape recording will remind you of things you would not have remembered the psychic said, when those things do come to pass. The tape recording may also contain answers you would have asked again because you don't remember you did ask them. (My clients who record are the ones who tell me I said something would happen, or something would be said by someone, that I have long forgotten.) If the psychic analyzes people and situations, hearing on your recording the 'why' of things, as more things happen, allows YOU to figure the situation yourself, allows you to step in and take more charge. You get the hang of what is going on, see the pattern yourself. That is what my purpose is, as a psychic, for you.

I have saved repeat callers who asked very similar questions say a week or less apart in long sessions a good amount of money by suggesting they record the sessions. They end up spending less by either calling with the same frequency but talking not as long, or they call less frequently.

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