In this digital age, everyone is a professional photographer or at least things that they are or should be. If you're one of those creative individuals who loves using his Smartphone to download instagram photos, then you might fit into this category.

There's nothing wrong with a love of taking photographs. There's also nothing wrong with amateur photography minus the expensive camera equipment and filters. But if you really want to make your Instagram photos pop, do your viewers a favor, and put a little bit of effort into making them look really good.

Not only will the 100 pictures of your new puppy look so much better, but you'll also impress your contacts leaving them wondering how you pulled it off.

There's an app called VSCO Cam that user's say make your pictures look like they were taken with an old school, high-end film camera. It's become a viral hit to the point that on Instagram, there are more than 22 million hash tags related to the app.

The app requires some getting used to, say users, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes one of the easiest ways you can make your Instagram photos look great. The app is ideal for making pictures look better after they've been taken, but it can also be used to take better pictures.

Thanks to a number of different flash modes, VSCO Cam performs near miracles with lighting. There's a flash mode for almost every need. Remember those times where you look a sickly yellow because a picture was taken in low light? Well, this app has a special white balance locking system to prevent that unfortunate and unflattering yellow cast.

Other features of the app include a level to make sure your picture isn't crooked. Focus and exposure points can be controlled simply by tapping two fingers on your Smartphone screen.

A series of photo effects offer subtle ways to touch up your photos like highlighting natural colors and fading the edges of a photo with a vignette effect.

The app also has some preset filters that users are raving about, claiming that they're much more tasteful and toned down than Instagram's. Intensity of these filters is also easy to adjust. All you have to do is move the slider. Not sure if you like the filter? Simple tap and hold on the image and you'll get to see the original again.

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