Photographic Memory is also known as “Eidetic Memory.”

So just what IS photographic memory? It’s a secret you’ve had since before you were born! If you still don’t understand, look to your children. They will show you the way.

The infant brain develops even in the womb. Experts say you should read to your children as soon as they are born for quality stimulation of their natural learning abilities. As a child ages through that first crucial year of life, they are learning how to learn. The more stimulation – the more learning capacity the child will have.

Some people with photographic memory retain their photographic memory into adulthood. If you aren’t one of those people, why not? The answer will SHOCK you. Are you ready?

Learning Begets Learning

One word. Reading. You see, we never lose our photographic memory. But many of us lose the ability to USE it, or more accurately, we lose access to it. You learned amazing things as a small child – languages, social skills, etc.

THEN, you went to school to learn a superior way to learn – or so we’re told. Statistics show that once we enter school and become entrenched in the rote-memory system of learning; learning slows from that point on.

Your Inner Child Genius

The truth is, you were force fed learning to read, or you were ostracized. Some of those renegades who endured being ostracized are the same ones who have retained their photographic memories as adults.

Reading is a brain function that encourages tunnel vision, which is directly opposed to your natural ability to access and use your photographic memory.

But with Mental Photography you can learn how to access your photographic memory and how to develop a photographic memory fast, and regain the genius you had as a child. By exercising your brain this way, you may see other things start to happen – and you don’t have to give up reading, either!

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