Everybody loves Photography, and Photography is an art, A practice of creating durable images by any means of a picture sensor. This science of creating strong images get a huge place in nowadays. Everybody wants that his/her photo look good, there Is a charm of being a photographer in almost every body.

The Question is where to start photography, Having an Expensive DSLR does not mean that you are a photographer, but yes some basic skills may help you to take some amazing clicks. In the start life of a beginner photographer, there are too many questions like
• Which camera do I select?
• which lens is best
• Where to start everything.
• How to operate the equipment well
• How to manage the light etc.

Thanks to the internet now there is too many online free courses and website to learn photography tips. Where you can enhance your skills and capabilities for better use of equipment. You can find out what exactly your Equipment requirements, which tools are best for your type of photography which mistakes should have to improve.

A good, expert photographer knows where to stand how to shoot, but some basic techniques will help you to take some meaningful photographs. Here are some basic key point tips for a beginner photographer.

Let's start it step By Step So lets Start with Best Equipment Choice.

Buying photography equipment as a beginner is a difficult task. It depends on your budget these digital devices are updating day by day. According to my observation, a estimated amount of 2000 US dollars is enough for everything lens cloths to the computer monitors, etc. which will be enough for a beginner photographer. But as your photography becomes specialized like wildlife photography, or portrait or landscape photography then you may need a more advanced lens and tools for your work.

Best camera For Beginner

There are too many basic enough features available in Nikon D7000 for a beginner photography. It’s an entry level DSLR because it will give you room to grow if you want to be a professional photographer. The approximate price of this camera is 350$ which are quite affordable.

Best Lens for Beginner

It depends on which type of photographs you actually want to capture, if you want to go for wildlife photography then you may need of expensive more zoomable lenses same as portrait and landscape lens. But if you want to take some random shots then it will suggest you have 35mm f/1.8 which cost is not more than 200$.You may need a wide variety of camera lens to meet you work equipment so don’t hesitate to buy used camera lens but keep this in mind that you should buy it from a trusted seller. Buying a used lens will help you to reduce your cost.

A tripod is one of the best photography equipment. Which helps a beginner photographer to avoid blur images. The average price of a tripod is a 150$.

Photo Editing Tools

You took some photos ok now what next? You may have to crop a photo as you are not a professional photographer that you have complete control on the photo frame, even the best photographers should have to crop their images. Photo editing tools not just used to crop images but also helps to adjust the light and for giving more advance look. As technology is updating speedily the photo editing software’s are also getting more advanced. I will suggest the latest Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6.its current cost is 145$. If you don’t have a budget to pay for any software, then I will recommend you to use free photo editing websites like ipiccy.com to edit your clicks.

You may need these following additional Equipment too.
• Flash
• Calibrated Software
• A Polarizing Filter
• Cleaning spray
• Microfiber cloth etc.

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Faheem Jutt is a senior editor of US Updates; that a website which is specialized in providing natural home remedies, tips and also nutrition facts to improve the well-beings.