As far as recorded history goes, men have suffered from erectile dysfunction. But in those times, there were no psychotherapy or prescription drugs to help cure the disorder. People back then had to depend on other remedies to solve erectile dysfunction. It’s relatively known fact that the Chinese were the first civilisation to try out remedies for ED.

Chinese healers prepared potions containing 22 ingredients which were used to resolve erectile dysfunction. But this didn’t actually turn out to be that effective which is why many healers had to resort to acupuncture but the ingredients were dangerous which is why it was recommended to avoid such a procedure at all costs.

One of the biggest problems that men face is being too embarrassed to open up about their erectile dysfunction problems because of obvious reasons. But have you considered what causes erectile dysfunction?

Well, the causes can be both psychological and physical. What initially begins as a physical cause for impotence can often attract psychological issues too. So let’s come to the physical causes first:-

Brain damage: If your brain has been damaged or have suffered a trauma, the chances are that the signals required for a healthy erection will not happen and will invariably lead to impotence.

Diabetes: This is huge chance that people with diabetes will also suffer impotence. More often than not, the loss or inability to maintain an erection is also an indicator of diabetes.

Glandular: Glandular issues might have an adverse effect on love-making which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Drugs: Whether it's recreational or prescriptive drugs, both can have side effects which can cause the loss of erection and lead to impotence. Certain drugs which are prescribed for psychiatric conditions such as depression might also be a cause.

Injury to the penis or surrounding area: If you sustain any damage to your penis or surrounding area can often lead to the temporary loss of erection and discomfort.

The psychological causes

This usually refers to the way an erection means to them and how they associate with love making.

Negative conditioning: Some people learn from their parents or person of influences that sex is somewhat bad or wrong and might have some negative connotations. While performing sex, these influences might reduce arousal which will lead to a loss of erection.

Criticism: There’s nothing worse than your partner criticising you during love-making. Every time you make love to your spouse, the criticism will be on their mind. You will be extra conscious and under huge pressure which will cause the loss of erection.

Fear of loss of erection: Sometimes, it’s perfectly normal to lose erection while love-making but if you feel that such a thing is not normal and there is some defect with you, you will be under intensive pressure which will cause anxiety in you and as you know already, anxiety is never a good thing for maintaining an erection.

Alcohol: If you have been drinking excessively, the chances are that you will experience temporary impotence. Such memories may play on your minds the next time you make love to your partner, and you might end up losing your erection.

Science has developed to such an extent that these days, even hormone replacement therapy is possible. IF you are suffering from a loss of erection or impotence, its safe to say that all hope is not lost. There are great treatments out there which will help you in the most comprehensive way.

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