Have you noticed more and more physical therapist assistant training programs popping up these days? Physical therapy is a healthcare field that is becoming more and more popular. The job of a PT or a physiotherapist is to give patients exercises to strengthen their body, therapy to improve the body's functions and range of motion, and teach patients on the use of various mobility aids and assisting devices. Patients or clients suffering from physical disabilities that hinder their movement and daily functions might need the help of a physiotherapist to treat the disability or improve their mobility. Physical therapists can set up equipments, monitor progress and perform clerical jobs to serve the patients.

However, there are times that physiotherapists cannot function alone and during these times, they may require the help of a certified physical therapist assistant. This job is in great demand these days, which is why more and more physical therapist assistant schools are becoming available. In this career, you will be assisting the licensed PT in all of his/her tasks. For lots of people, this type of job is very rewarding, as they get to help people who are in need while earning a competitive salary of $40,000 to $60,000 per year. Most people in this field initially work part-time; this means you can still have other jobs, while establishing yourself. Also, PT assistants can work in different places like hospitals, health practitioner offices, nursing care facilities, home health care and rural health care centers.

If you are a person who has passion for helping other people and going to different places, you will surely love this profession. Some cities in the US that requires high volume of PT assistants are New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Houston, Cleveland and Tampa. These places have great physical therapist assistant schools as well that can help you get started with this career. In order to become a PT assistant, the first thing that you should know is that you have to be fit. This is because the job may require you to stand, bend or kneel down for long hours. You also have to be good in socializing or communicating with your patients, as you will be encountering various types of people in this field.

Above all else, to be eligible, you need to have a degree as a PT assistant and you can obtain this by enrolling in a program being offered in various physical therapist assistant schools. Being an can help you develop your interaction skills. For most people, this can be a very challenging job. If you can find physical therapist assistant schools within your area where you can study and become a certified PT assistant, you can start finding jobs with really great offers and this can help you grow and develop in your chosen career.

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