When it comes to physical therapy, an individual thinks of recovering from an injury or surgery or broken leg but in reality, it offers more benefits. It is very effective in treating a condition in which an individual is suffering from chronic pain. Though you might be thinking of pain killers or Singapore pain solutions this is not an ideal way of getting rid of pain because usually, this kind of pain killer leaves a lot of negative effects on an individual’s health.

Physical therapy is an ideal way for pain management in Singapore and it makes a person stronger and helps one to move and feel better. Check out what are the ways used in physical therapies that help an individual get rid of the pain.

1. Low impact aerobic training

Such workout practices will help you to rev your heart rate and it is also very easy on your joints. These will be tailored by the chiropractor Singapore according to your health condition and history which will be perfect for you. For instance, you might walk fast or can use a stationary bike to warm up instead of running. These exercises are suggested by the chiropractor to strengthen your body without leaving any kind of negative effect on it.

2. Strengthening exercises

A chiropractor will suggest you strengthening exercises according to your body's needs and requirements. Different machines such as resistance bands can be used to strengthen your body. You should work on your core muscles to give them enough strength as well as on the other parts of the body. These exercises are just the best option to focus on the body’s strength and make a person feel healthy.

3. Soft tissue manual therapy

Chiropractors use a variety of hands-on soft tissue therapies that helps in improving the function of overall soft tissues including ligaments, muscle, tendons, and so on. Pin and stretch is also a therapy used for it and it is named as Active Release Technique and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. Usually, to stop inflammation immediately, ice and heat therapy is used by doctors to relieve pain. This helps in reducing swelling and controlling pain after getting an injury. Heat therapy is used to relax the muscles and helps in improving the blood circulation of an individual.

4. Stretching

The stretching will be gentle and your chiropractor will make sure that you are warmed up and you don’t stretch too far. In physical therapy, a person’s health condition is evaluated at first tells the movement, physical capabilities, body type, and activity level of a person and a stretching exercise is designed to improve the flexibility and functionality of an individual. First of all, the right exercise is designed for an individual and then the response of a person’s body is reviewed.

5. Massage therapy

This is one of the most common physical therapies used by a chiropractor. If you massage areas that are injured, sore, or hurt then this will make you feel relaxing. Your therapist will help you to get rid of pains and aches while offering safe therapy to you. Before the session of massaging starts, an individual is required to tell everything about the health condition and pain to the therapist then accordingly a massage session is given that helps in getting relief from pain.

How does physical therapy work?

The goal of physical therapy is not just to treat symptoms but also it helps address the underlying problem and root cause of pain or movement. Sometimes a change in lifestyle could help treat a problem like if a patient is suffering from back pain and the reason behind this problem is the weak core muscles and bad body posture of the person then this can be improved with specific exercise and by making some lifestyle changes.

Wrapping it all up!!!

A chiropractor Singapore delivers hands-on treatments to solve or heal numerous numbers of health problems. Depending on the condition of the person, a unique pain solution has been derived that is very helpful in offering pain relief to a person. Chronic pain is complex therefore the time taken could be higher too.

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