With today's challenging job market, finding an occupation with a characteristically low unemployment rate, a high rate of full-time employment, and a growing demand for more professionals in the industry.

The numbers for the PT Job Outlook can be broken down like this:
* 5.5% Unemployment Rate
* 29% Part-Time Employment
* 39% Increase in PT Jobs this decade (198,600 jobs in 2010, and a projected 276,000 jobs in 2020)
Those working as PT Assistants are also enjoying tremendous growth in their field, with an especially low unemployment rate of 3.9%, and a 46% increase in PT Assistant jobs from 2010-2020, or an increase of 30,800 jobs. PT Aides will see a 43% increase in employment, and an increase in 20,300 jobs.

The Salary Of A Physical Therapist

Those working in this field enjoy a higher salary than their peers in allied health, including occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists. The lower 10% of PTs earn $53,260, whereas the highest 10% begin at $107,920. The starting salary for a PT is about $57,220, while the median salary for the career is about $76,310. These numbers are according to the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

PT assistants working in the field make slightly less than their peers in OT - with a median salary of $49,690 and $51,010 respectively. PT aides make significantly less than their peers in occupational therapy, earning a medial salary of $23,680 versus $27,430, respectively. However the greatest difference for aides in both fields is most dramatic at the top 10%, where PT aides earn about $34,670, while OT Aides earn about $52,740.

Those working in travel positions earn significantly more than those working in traditional positions. Data from Onward Healthcare shows that, where a permanent PT would make approximately $70,700 per year, a traveling physical therapist in a comparable position would earn $113,500 for the same position. PTAs see an even more drastic improvement in their salary. A position that would normally pay a salary of about $45,600 would earn about $87,100 as a traveler.

Job Satisfaction Ratings For Physical Therapists

A job in physical therapy provides a meaningful opportunity to serve and care for others, and is widely reported by PTs in surveys to be a satisfying career choice for those who work in the industry - including the National Opinion Research Center's 2010 General Social Study.

In this study, those working as physical therapists ranked as #3 in job satisfaction across the board - surpassed only by those working as firefighters and the clergy. 75% of respondents had reported feeling "very satisfied" with their career, according to Forbes Magazine.

Forbes isn't the only major publication to recently recognize the growing potential of the PT field. CNN Money reported the field as #4 in their report of the Top 100 Jobs In America in 2010, while US News and World Report have reported it as their number 8 out of 25 in their Best Jobs Of 2012 article.

Travel PTs also report an exceptionally high level of job satisfaction. A survey among travelers conducted by Onward Healthcare show that 97% of travel therapy professionals would recommend their experience to a colleague. Traveling physical therapists report that they value their free housing as one of the greatest benefits of the experience, with health/medical insurance being the second choice.

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