With the development of the study on epididymitis, the treatment approaches for sufferers with epididymitis are more and more various.

Epididymitis can be cured with drugs, for example antibiotics and herbal remedy Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has a great ability to dispel inflammation and adjust male urogenital system. Besides medical therapy, epididymitis can be dealt with by physical therapy as well.

The common approaches for sufferers with epididymitis are the laser therapy, ultrashort wave therapy and so forth. These approaches can be used to improve the blood circulation with great effect. You may know that congestion in the urogenital system can lead to epididymitis, while you will be free from this thing if your blood circulation gets improved.

Meanwhile, it is suggested to drink more water and eat more fresh fruit , which can also be conducive to improving the blood circulation. And you ought to give up on spicy and greasy food.

Laser therapy has biological effects on inner tissues, which can improve the vascular expansion of deep tissue and promote the phagocytosis of endothelial cells. It has great ability to solve various bacteria and viruses. And for the ultrashort wave therapy, experts can use a very high frequency current, which features strong penetration and bactericidal ability. During the therapy, two electric plates can be put in the lower abdomen and the buttocks, and then ultrashort waves are shot through the plates for therapeutic effects.

Furthermore, magnetic field treatment is also often used. During the therapy, sufferers are applied with magnetic tablets. Apply 3 to 5 tablets with adhesive plaster each time and remove them after 5 days. Rest for 3 days before each using and about 3 months is one course of the therapy. The main acupoints are zhongji and sanyinjiao, and the matching acupoints are huiyin, zusanli and so on.

In addition, therapy with meridian field balance device is also proper for sufferers with epididymitis, which is a sensor controlled by a microcomputer. When it contacts the human acupoints, it can form a temperature tier and simultaneously emit a magnetic beam, both of which can stimulate the acupoints, so as to adjust the magnetoelectric disorder of the human meridians and acupoints under the pathological state.

The doctor can choose the points based on syndrome differentiation and choose the appropriate waveform and energy output based on different conditions. It features a good effect on improving local tissue metabolism rate, channeling glandular duct and softening the inner scars.

On condition that you hope to get better soon, you ought to choose formal hospital and receive standard therapy for epididymitis, including medication and physical therapy. At the same time, you should keep good habits in daily life. Avoid holding back urine or sitting for too long as well as alcohol and tobacco. Maintain good personal hygiene and be positive, then you can get recovered.

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