Stark Law, more formally referred to as The Physician Anti-Referral Law (known as Stark II), is a prominent law concerning physician referrals. Healthcare providers that file claims require compliance with the Stark rules. Failure to comply can invite an enforcement action. The fundamental aim of this law is the elimination of malpractices in the healthcare sector. Implemented in stages known as Stark II and Stark III; the Stark Laws consider particular actions on the part of the physician as unlawful.
Of late, Stark Law enforcement actions have led to substantial awards and settlements. Due to this, Stark Law compliance has moved from being just a compliance issue. It is now an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) issue. With more and more medical groups, hospitals, and health systems pursuing integration strategies and transitioning to more innovative hospital-physician arrangements; putting in place compensation arrangements that are defensible under the Stark Law is the way forward for them for managing their compliance and enterprise risk.
Get to understand all aspects of the Stark Law for 2016
More on the Stark Law can be understood from a webinar that MentorHealth, a leading provider of professional trainings for the areas of healthcare, will be organizing. Participants can enroll for this highly important and interesting webinar by logging on to
Wolfe, an attorney with Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C., the largest health care focused law firm in the country; will offer a general Stark Law overview at this webinar. He will also explain best practices for auditing existing space lease arrangements and for implementing new time-share arrangements under the new 2016 Stark rules. This learning will be highly useful for In-House Counsel, Health Care Compliance Officers, Health Care Human Resources, Health Care CFO's, and Health Care executives.
Wolfe will cover the following areas at this session:
o Provide a general overview of the Stark Law in its current form
o A general Stark Law overview
o Explain the regulatory requirements for compliance with key regulatory exceptions and safe harbors for leases
o Summarize the upcoming changes to the Stark Law for 2016
o Discuss best practices for auditing existing space lease arrangements and for implementing new time share arrangements

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