Osteoarthritis is a rheumatic pathology; the articular cartilage degenerates for various reasons and a series of symptoms appear such as pain and limitation of joint width that decrease functionality.

The patient's mobility is affected and the quality of life can become much deteriorated. Among the most common causes are being overweight, advanced age and those due to the patient's own genetics. Undoubtedly, everything becomes more complex if our genes are prone, I am overweight and I am old. So there are aspects in which I will not be able to influence, such as the inheritance that as a physical body I receive from my parents, but if I can act against premature aging due to lack of physical activity and in terms of being overweight with adequate nutritional care I can limit the extent of this increasingly common pathology.

Sometimes we meet young patients who, due to intense activity in the sport they practice, subject some of their joint structures to such a strain that we find ourselves with aged joints due to extreme overload, a bad orientation in the planning of training can To go to these extremes, it is necessary that at the first symptoms of joint pain we go to the doctor, with an early diagnosis a physiotherapist can greatly help prevent the process from ending up degenerating into a disabling situation.

Physiotherapy of osteoarthritis.

The physical therapist is the specialist in physical therapy that will help you improve functionality and reduce joint pain effectively. Each patient is different and personalized treatment oriented to the symptoms that generate the most concern is essential, we must also limit the scope in the evolution of this insidious pathology. So our goal is to reduce the symptoms and limit its progress.

Physiotherapy. Treatment of osteoarthritis.

  • One of the most effective techniques I have worked with for 25 years is Capacitive Diathermy, still unknown to many, but which is gradually spreading to more physiotherapy clinics. It is surprising to see how in just three sessions in most cases the symptoms begin to subside and the quality of life improves. It is not a panacea, but it is the closest thing to it. Now it has been discovered by elite athletes and this increases its recognition and effectiveness for the general public.
  • Therapeutic exercise program, established taking into account the particular limitations of the patient and aimed both at developing strength and improving joint width. They are also an essential component for effective weight loss, increasing energy expenditure while strengthening the muscles.
  • Assessment of the sports activity that may be within your reach, swimming, cycling, or simply walking, as well as the conditions so that they do not aggravate your osteoarthritis.
  • Manual therapy in cases where it is necessary to intensely relax the muscles that are attached to the affected joint, thus improving both its mobility and reducing the painful sensation.
  • Relaxation techniques happen like diathermy, they are still little known or used in physiotherapy and that are part of our university training program, if we teach our patients to relax the affected muscles, the pain perception threshold is It will increase and the degree of discomfort caused by this symptom will decrease significantly.
  • Postural education oriented to the job and activities of daily life are the means by which it is possible to lead an active life without worsening symptoms.
  • Advice for the correct use of thermotherapy in the patient's own home.

It is not strange that we are faced with a patient diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis and that it is precisely the knee that has less osteoarthritis that about which he refers us the most discomfort, sometimes a blow or overexertion in that specific area is responsible for them to appear some symptoms so far hidden. If we act immediately using anti-inflammatory and soothing electrotherapy techniques, the discomfort will decline rapidly, osteoarthritis is still present but the symptoms that affect the patient's quality of life decrease significantly.

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