Pile #1: Spirit holds a gift and a test for you. The test is the willingness to meet and release the fears within that have been secretly holding you back. The gift is freedom, peace, opportunity and prosperity in all its forms. A dark phase and struggle is over, and a new phase is upon you. Release your fears and go after your dreams through boldness and persistence. Allow yourself to free your mind and a new consciousness will be born. Your words are powerful through singing, speaking, or writing. Your words and voice has the power to heal and you are guided to recognize the responsibility you have for what you proclaim through your voice. There are many souls with whom you have spiritual obligations to help and guide during this time. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, use this month as a month of growth and progression.

Pile #2: There is a deep feminine wisdom that recognizes the importance of cycles of rest and replenishment as essentials to balance our actions and thoughts. Allow this replenishment for yourself now, trusting that your cycle of creation is about to shift into a new phase. Let it go and enjoy the process without having to control or force it. Choose to release that which will lower your vibration into fear. Stay true to yourself and you shall inspire others to talk and speak more positively around you. Your words will give you strength, protection and help you grow spiritually.

A spiritual practice has come or is soon coming to your attention that will help your soul journey. Take time to develop and practice your chosen spiritual rituals regularly. This will help improve your spiritual powers and you will grow with grace anchoring your divine light within your being. Will you accept your spiritual calling?

Pile #3: The most challenging task is to take courage in both hands and journey within to melt our own dark self and begin the healing task of bringing love, acceptance, and light to it. The sacred purpose of any enemy, within or without is to push us to venture inwards, to seek and heal the darkness within. If you have felt constrained by a role or identity and wish to grow beyond it, and become a greater expression of yourself, just know you already have the help you seek within. You are protected and surrounded with powerful forces, that even through the most uncomfortable circumstances of your life, will be there to divinely protect you. There is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost by trying to hold on to that which no longer serves you. Spirit orders you now to release anything which no longer needs to be a part of your life, so that you may release yourself and be free!

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Healer and Writer.