Selecting the topic around which to build your blog is ultimately the key to whether you enjoy long term success or crash and burn! The single biggest element of any successful blog is the ability of the site administrator to write content that is interesting, popular and unique! With that being said here are 3 things to consider when choosing the blog topic you will be writing about and expecting to draw a crowd!

Current Popularity

Building off the current momentum or wave of popularity of a particular subject, niche or trend is a commonly used strategy for choosing a blog topic to write about! Obviously if you are to invest a lot of time and effort, which is what it will take to write content for your site, you want others to read it! Always be sure there's an audience for the subject you choose or you will quickly become discouraged with the lack of activity at your site! This will eventually lead you to quit, which is good since you don't want to waste your efforts, but it may also keep you from trying again, which is bad!

Personal Experience

Every one of us has unique talents and/or experiences which we can share with others and is another great way for selecting your blog topic! By possessing a knowledge or experience it will make it infinitely easier to write content for your blogging site! Here too you want to continue to be mindful of the potential popularity or lack thereof of the subject you are considering!

Willingness to Learn

Perhaps you may want to consider a subject with which you have little prior knowledge but yet a strong passion for learning more about! Remember a successful blog is one that offers readers intriguing and/or informative material and this is something that plays well to being passionate about your subject! As you learn anything new you can pass it along and with your level of passion people will better appreciate your style of delivery! In this way you will be able to better engage readers which ultimately is your main objective!

The foundation upon which you will build your blog is the subject matter you choose to write about! When you write content, and as a blogger you will be doing a great deal of that, you want to offer something that is interesting, popular and unique! This is the only way you can expect to attract visitors, and having lots of them is necessary if your goal is to develop a successful blog! It therefore is important that when selecting a topic for you to focus on its popularity and the ease it presents in terms of developing new content! By considering the 3 things mentioned above when determining your blog topic you give yourself a greater chance of developing a successful site people will enjoy and you can be proud of!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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