Is it so that your standard light fixtures and placements are not doing the job as well as you had hoped for? If so, then maybe it is time to revamp your bathroom lighting with the help of licensed and professional renovators in Wynnum.

Below explains how you should choose your appropriate bathroom lighting to transform your bathroom space into a solaceful oasis.

Let There Be Light…(In Your Bathroom Space)

  • As a starting point of your bathroom renovation, look to add appropriate ambient lights. You can go for a central fixture at your ceiling (like a chandelier or other attention-seeking piece) for added style and proper brightness.

Consult with your renovation specialist to position it over the walk-a-way area, instead of fitting it above where you stand. This is because, light over your head may be unflattering, but the light coming from behind will allow you to see everything properly, in optimal brightness.

  • For your bathroom mirror, recessed ceiling fixtures are not enough. You will come across face shadows whenever you look to beautify or groom yourself. For optimal illumination; look to install vertical fixtures approximately 35–40 inches apart. Install them in a way that they appear above your eye-line.

Moreover, if your bathing space lacks space for added light fixtures on either side of the mirror, opt for something that can be fitted over the mirror. If you go for a quality bulb; opt for 150 Watts (at least) and fit them approximately 75–80 feet above the ground for proper visibility.

  • You may not need a shower task lighting; if you have a glass door. However, if not, then opt for a recessed light in the showering area to let you see what you are doing, clearly!

As for the right ambient light; discuss with your expert in bathroom renovations near Wynnum Manly about adding a strip light existing right behind the wall cabinet to create a stunning floating effect. Install it in a way to focus on one decorative element in your bathroom to achieve an elegant feel.

In Addition To These; You Can Also Include:-

  • Quality Dimmer Lights:- The purpose of dimmer lights is to allow you to control the feel and ambience of a particular space. They can be used when you stumble towards the bathroom all bleary-eyed at midnight. And they can be used to create a relaxing mood in your bathroom when you unwind in your tub after a tough day.
  • Skylight For More Natural Light During Day-time:-Installing skylights is one way to add more natural light to your bathroom space. They are mainly large-sized windows which not only floods the room with the right amount of brightness; but also allows adequate ventilation to create an airy bathroom space.
  • Opting For Opaque or Frosted Bulbs (in place of clear bulbs to prevent shadow formation):- Usually, white lights are the best for seeing skin tones properly. Keeping this in mind; you can go for halogen bulbs (as they last longer than incandescent bulbs). Another quality option which you can opt for are opaque or frosted bulbs.

However, the best option would be to uniformly install LED lights to your bathroom space. Humidity rarely affects them, and neither do they emit a great deal of heat. You can opt for cooler white toned lights or bright daylight bulbs.

To help you pick the appropriate lighting for your bathing space (and perform other key renovation aspects); get in touch with top-shelf bathroom renovators serving in and around Wynnum whenever you see fit.

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