When I'm down, down in the dumps, everything feels bad. I'm not interested in anything, don't feel like connecting with others or even going outside, don't even try to move me. Pass the ice cream. It seems that I want anything that will actually make me feel even worse! The last thing I want is to see happy, joyous people, laughing and having everything I can't have. It's like a part of me is keeping me prisoner and won't let go. Wow! That's pretty dismal. And, the fact is, I truly am down. I'm feeling bad because my physiology is in my down state - slumping, shallow breathing, frowning, heavy, looking down. My feelings are heavy like quick sand, just pulling me farther in. My thoughts are supporting the whole process with fantasies and stories of how down I am, how it will last forever, there is no hope. Have you ever noticed that when you're down you feel like it will last forever, but when you're happy, you feel like it won't last at all? That's pretty down.

So, what to do? Here's a few helpful hints to pull you back up, lift you, switch to the positive channel, and pull out of the tailspin.

1. First of all, you are down. When you feel like that, you're vibrating at a slower, lower level than when you're happy. So, energetically, we need to raise the vibration.

a) Change your physiology! Instead of slumping, bring your shoulders back, take a deep breath and look up! It works. You can't support down feelings when you're body is in an optimistic physiology.

b) Smile, even if you have to fake it by putting a pencil sideways between your teeth so your body at least thinks it's smiling! When you smile, you release endorphins in your brain - the feel good hormones, so get your brain to help you out! Keep the fake smile going until you feel a shift!

c) Stand up, and using scooping motions, scoop the energy up from your feet up and out over your head. You are actually moving the energy. Up, up, up. Keep breathing deeply.

d) By now you may be able to do some jumping jacks and get your blood pumping. When you exercise, you get more oxygen in your body, you start breathing, you release endorphins, it just keeps getting better.

2. Second, when you're down you're telling yourself how to feel bad. Listen to the story you're telling yourself and change it to another channel. You have a choice and don't have to think depressing thoughts if you don't want to. Just for three minutes read something good. Listen to good music, sing a happy song, whistle! Something that makes you laugh or uplifts you. Your thoughts create your reality. The good news is, you are in charge of your thoughts, not anyone else. Breathe deeply. You've probably noticed by now that breathing deeply is one of the best things you can do for yourself!

3. Third, this is my favorite! Force yourself to think of things you are grateful for - I call this my "Thank you, Gods". Thank you, God (or Goddess, Universe, Spirit, whatever you chose) for my family, Thank you that I can see, Thank you for possibilities, Thank you for nature and all it's beauty, Thank you for little tiny frogs, Thank you for vanilla milk shakes, Thank you that I have choices. You get the picture. Write down your gratitude list and just start reading it out loud when you find yourself in the dumps. It's like a magic portal that whisks you through to a place of optimism and joy.

Don't take my word for it. Try it yourself!

Author's Bio: 

Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming and a Certified Hypnotherapist, Pamela Turner, M.Ed, C.Ht. is dedicated to making both ancient and modern tools and techniques for healing and growth available to everyone in an easy-to-use way that's meaningful to modern life.

She's worked with some amazing teachers, including a Harvard teaching hospital in Boston specializing in mind/body healing while completing her master's degree in counseling psychology in 1991. She founded Begin Within (http://www.beginwithin.org) to help as many people as possible find the Love, Wisdom and Power within them.