Have you tried some of your best pickup lines in attractive girls and still you are having no real luck? Is the problem with the actual pickup line, the way you deliver it or is it just you? These are all perfectly legit questions and if there is one thing that women do not give guys enough credit for then its trying. It takes courage to walk up to a girl. In fact, if you are someone that approaches girls then you are miles ahead of most other guys.

One of the biggest challenges is to summon enough courage to walk up to a girl that you find attractive. The problem that we all face is what do you say when you walk up to her? Will she like you? How will she react and will she reject you?

Rejection is the number one fear all single guys share - especially if It's in front of your friends. Pickup lines are really a strategy that gives you something to say right off the bat. It's usually something catchy or something flattering that can engage you in conversation with an attractive girl. There is nothing worse than walking up to a girl and having nothing to say to her. Fumbling around for words will make you look nervous, awkward and you will come across as someone that has no confidence.

So, does pickup lines work? Well, it really depends. It's not the actual line that will get a girl to like you. That would be absurd to even think that It's possible. What it can do however is to give you something to lead with. Will the right line melt her heart and bond you to her for life? Unlikely.

Pickup lines should never be used as a magic bullet. It's much more about the way you deliver it and your ability to hold the conversation that will land you a date. While some pickup lines can help you, most of them will actually hurt your cause more than help it. Anything that is tacky, corny or offensive should never be used. It never works.

So, what does work? Think of it this way. The purpose of a pickup line is to engage in conversation. This means that basically anything can work. It's all about your general approach. You need to always walk up to a girl with confidence. If you are confident and "normal" you can perk any girl's interest with a catchy line. It takes a lot of practice though and you need to practice on a lot of girls before you will get really good at it.

It's important to know that the real purpose of approaching a girl is not to get laid. This approach will be written all over your body language and you will come across as a creep. If you approach a girl with the attitude of making a friends and just being there to have a chat then girls will be much more open to you and you will face almost no rejection.

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