If you’re a mother of a daughter, you’ll want to instill in her everything that she needs to know to live a good and fulfilling life. Certain pieces of advice can help your daughter grow and blossom into the women she’s meant to be. Here are four pieces of advice every mother wants her daughter to know.

Self-Sufficiency Is Important

Every good mother wants her daughter to eventually find someone special to settle down with, but it’s also important for your daughter to learn how to be self-sufficient so that she can take care of herself. Getting a proper education and having work experience will give your daughter the tools to make it in life on her own if no one else is around to help her. You’ll also want to do everything that you can to instill a sense of self-confidence in her so that she’ll always feel strong enough to rely on herself whenever needed.

Virtue Is Good

It seems that the importance of being a virtuous woman has been lost in many ways in modern society. By emphasizing the desirable characteristic of being a virtuous woman to your daughter, she’ll be able to maintain a better sense of integrity and strengthen her moral compass throughout her life. If you and your daughter are followers of the Christian or Jewish faith, you can show her Proverbs 31 in the Bible to set an example of what a virtuous woman should be.

The Importance of Personal Safety

It’s important that your daughter knows how to protect herself against dangerous individuals. Encouraging her to take self-defense classes can give her the physical skills that are needed to ward off attackers. It’s also a good idea to advise your daughter to carry pepper spray, an alert whistle and other self-defense tools that can help her get away from dangerous people easier.

Beauty is More Than Looks

You want your daughter to feel beautiful inside and out, and reminding her that she’s beautiful regardless of her looks can help foster a better sense of self-esteem. What’s considered “beautiful” by the mainstream media and marketing campaigns isn’t attainable or realistic for everyone, and you should remind your daughter that simply being a woman is beautiful in itself. Everyone has cosmetic flaws, and encouraging your daughter not to focus on the imperfections of her body will help her feel more comfortable in her own skin.

Teaching your daughter these life lessons can be beneficial in many areas throughout her life. By instilling good morals and greater self-confidence, she’ll be able to take on the world with less difficulty.

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