Both heart warming and heart wrenching, Pieces of Sky is a pick up and read in one sitting book.
A story of love winning over pain, the honest, and often painfully funny true story shared by author Noelle Cablay brings the reader along on a journey of emotional and spiritual healing. She openly shares the challenging process of finding, and trusting, help for deep emotional wounds, offering encouragement to the reader that good help is out there, and worth the work to find.
With honesty and humor, Noelle shares her experience of fighting through the painful effects of childhood abuse, to discover a path that allowed her to experience true freedom.
Noelle uses her witty intelligence and insightful perspective as a writer to invite her readers into a therapeutic healing and growth process.
Alternating the tragic episodes of her childhood with the therapeutic work she puts in to heal, Noelle shows tremendous bravery in her honesty and vulnerability.
Noelle tells her story without self-pity, demonstrating her hard fought for internal strength and offering hope to readers struggling with deep emotional and spiritual wounds.

Author's Bio: 

Esther DeWitt, M.S., CAMS, is a college professor and organizational psychology practitioner, specializing in conflict resolution, emotional management and leadership training. She is a Certified Anger Management Specialist and Credentialed Mediator.